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IGN 7.5

Eurogamer 7

the sixthaxis 7

PSLS 5.5


destructoid 6

Gameinformer 6.75

Nowgamer 7.6
looking average, I might have picked it up when it would have been like 8.5 ish.. Anyone gonna get it after the reviews?


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how much does it cost?

I got it all, baby! 

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wasnt going to get it both ways.

when it comes to a move game all i care about is its gameplay, since they are reviewing it compared to other "normal games" its not bad. from what ive seen its boring enemies and villains have kept it back as well as its lack of inspiration(even though it is has a celctic feel). But the big bummer is that it is 6 hours :(.

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Not looking good. Between the low move installed base, the not so great reviews and the almost null advertisement, this is probably going to be a sales flop.

Runa216 said:
how much does it cost?

40 dollars


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

2012 sure is continuing its trend of amazing video game releases.

Well, so much for that.

Meh reviews

mostly 7s isn't bad.

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didn't expect higher reviews but i would say for people who are interested, it seems a decent game. it's too short but then people shouldn't forget it's not full price.