What games have you bought day 1 at full price this gen?

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IMO, this gen more than ever, encourages you to wait a bit to buy your games. Other than the first 2 years of this gen, almost every single game will get a pretty substantial sale within a month of release, at least here in the United States. So for someone to buy a game day 1 would mean playing the game a month early is worth the extra $20 or even more.

This is moreso true over the past year. Very often games are discounted to $45 at launch if you preorder them. Games that fall way below expectations will hit sub $10 within a few months(dragon age 2, brink, duke nukem). 

Even "GOTY" games can be got at ridiculously cheap prices(batman arkam city for 10bucks at bestbuy only 6 months after release(though that may have been a mistake made by bestbuy). Bought portal 2 new for $30 in gamestop the week after it came out.

So this gen which games have you bought day 1, full price, and did you regret buying any of them for the full $60, $50 or $35 pricetag? 

I personally have bought

halo 3: Worth it since i spent over 1000 hours playing it and I don't believe it got a substantial sale for a long time since it was selling to nearly 50% of the 360 install base during its initial year.

elder scrolls V: Skyrim. Also worth it, enjoyed it a lot. Had I waited 3 months I could have got it for 40bucks, but this game has avoided sales a lot more than most recent games.

and I have diablo 3 preordered for Day 1 purchase and hopefully won't regret that desicion.

I haven't bought any handheld games at launch, though I have bought a few at full price, as the big nintendo ones hold their price for a long time, and gotten a few full price games as birthday/christmas gifts though not at launch. Call of Duty 4, left 4 dead, bioshock. And I think I bought GTAIV for full price, though a weeks after it came out.


When I thought about it, I was quite shocked that I had only bought 2 games so far at launch considering last gen I preordered and got over a dozen gamecube games day 1. Probably due to how mediocore this gen initially was, and then how fast everything went on sale later on. 

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Metroid Prime Trilogy
MArio kart 7

Probably Brawl.

Preordered Diablo 3 , and bought a bunch of Wii games.
Mario Kart Wii: worth it, especially since also some of my friends bought it and i could play online with them
Monster Hunter Tri: see above
Xenoblade Chronicles: definitely a good choice, a really good game

I buy most of my anticipated games new on the first day--I like being one of the first so I can brag and tell everyone about it :P

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Street Fighter 4 still regret that.
Uncharted 3 pre-ordered
Uncharted 2 pre-ordered
Demon's Souls pre-ordered
Move Fitness pre-ordered
 Little Big Planet 2 pre-ordered
Gran turismo 5 pre-ordered
Heavy Rain pre-ordered



and a whole lot more I can't remember.


Valkyria Chronicles 2 pre-ordered
Dissidia 012 pre-ordered

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Batman Arkham City and Devil May Cry HD Collection ( not really this gen...) , after getting 10% discount code from Zavvi.

Too many to list, but here's some franchises I bought some games from on day1:

Dead Space
Assassin's Creed
Call of Duty
Splinter Cell

Starcraft II
Diablo III

I try to avoid buying any games at full price because I believe the vast majority are overpriced. The only reason I did with the ones above is peer pressure, but I do believe they are both worth it (more of a hope for Diablo III).

The last time I did that was FFXIII. Never again since then.

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