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Was the Wii a fad?

Yes 131 38.76%
No 152 44.97%
Irrevelant, next-gen is coming 28 8.28%
see results 26 7.69%
Mazty said:

Fact is simply the wrong word; opinion is the word you are looking for. 

I say it's a fad because I believe it is a short lived craze, a craze that will only last for the lifespan of the wii (another few years at most). The fact that wii game sales are considerably lower then other consoles shows that the audience is very different. Now let's look at kinect sales which are certainlyindicative of a fad: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/327350/kinect-sales-pattern-unhealthy-ubisoft/

Motion controls, right now, are a fad for gamers. The fact they have such high latency proves they are not made for gamers but impulsive shoppers and casual gamers. 

We're talking about a game console here. Selling well for a couple years and normally for a game console already puts it beyond fad status, there's no way you can possibly call it "short-lived", and game sales for the Wii are perfectly fine.

Also there's no such thing as a "fad for gamers", that doesn't even make sense. Fads are short-lived crazes (and don't last for years), it doesn't get any simpler than that. It doesn't matter what demographic motion controls targets. In the end motion controls have been a big part of this gen with the Wii, Move, and Kinect and have spanned the entirety of this gen. How the market reacts to motion controls in later gens is irrelevant when we're talking about fads.

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I originally wasn't going to bless this thread with my presences... but damn at some of the posts so far.


An intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, esp. one that is short-lived; a craze.
whim - caprice - vagary - fancy - crotchet

That is the definition of a 'fad'.

Wii from its launch through 2009, definitely had intense and widely shared enthusiasm which resulted in record breaking sales. But is the 3+ years of crazy sales one in the same as "short-lived"? What about the following 2+ years its still going on?

Is its natural sales curve any different than similar consoles from the past? A quick tally of previous consoles and you'll see that Wii, overall, is no different than nearly every other successful console.

First few years are steady gains until you hit a platue and start to fall off. Initially the fall off is quicker, especially when the successor is announced (5 to 6 years down the road), and then after that they slow down their downward trend until they are discontinued.

Same thing happened with every other Nintendo console, Genesis, PS1/PS2, etc. Of course the literal numbers are different, but the fact is, the Wii has in no way behaved, generally speaking, different from any other successful game console.

Its the PS360 that have changed the market and behaved differently in that they had far later peaks than what would considered normal. Why? The totally blacklisted Wii in prime 3rd party development. Had Wii been more comparable in terms of raw power and kept ports of big games, they would have trailed off just as early as Wii did.

Whoa, this thread already devolved into arguing about semantics. That was quick.

On topic: NO.


Wii is a fad in the same sense as every game console before it was a fad. These machines are built to only last for a limited number of years before technology and consumers move on. Traditionally the life cycle has been five years. The only difference between the wii and the HD twins is that they were developed with different life cycles in mind. The Wii was developed with the traditional five year life cycle in mind while both microsoft and sony developed consoles that could push past that limit by emphasizing console adaptability. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 both have incorporated (or discarded) a ton of features through system updates and redesigns while the Wii is essentially the system you bought from day one.

Basically, in the grand scheme of things, all game consoles are fads.

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Gnac said:

Whoa, this thread already devolved into arguing about semantics. That was quick.

On topic: NO.

It didn't devolve into semantics, it started with semantics.  

26 posts (27 with this) and nobody has mentioned the NDF. Dissapointed.

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gergroy said:
Gnac said:

Whoa, this thread already devolved into arguing about semantics. That was quick.

On topic: NO.

It didn't devolve into semantics, it started with semantics.  

Don't make me argue with you about semantics.


without a doubt

Yes and no. Yes because loads of non gamers bought it for wii fit, wii sports , just dance etc. And no because quite a few core titles sold well on it. Admitaly not the same numbers as the hd consoles but still decent numbers.