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7 - God of War (-2)

5 - Uncharted (+1)

3 - Metal Gear Solid

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"I, Badonkadonkhr, risk 1 week ban by claiming KH3 will be Sony exclusive, if I am found wrong, I will also start a thread praising those who were right"


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8 - God of War (+1)

5 - Uncharted

1 - Metal Gear Solid (-2)

9 - God of War (+1)

3 - Uncharted (-2)

1 - Metal Gear Solid

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10 - God of War (+1)

2 - Uncharted (-1)

0 - Metal Gear Solid (-1)

10 - God of War (+1)

0 - Uncharted (-2)

now this thread can die.

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GOD of War Wins, as it should.


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I had five games I wanted to see win in this order.

Syphon Filter
God of War
Metal Gear Solid
Crash Bandicoot

Hey, uncharted came in second. Really good for a two month old franchise.

how did uncharted get that far lol.

How the hell did god of War win? (I put the "g" in lower case because theres only one God).

Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy are all better, plus more that i can't think of off the top of my head. And they have more than 2 games in the series. Crash has a lot cause of all the crappy spinoffs but at least the first 3 were really good, All 4 GT games are good, and theres 13 FF games...#7 seeming to be the most popular.