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Microsoft has announced Windows Live will be re-branded as Microsoft Account with the release of Windows 8. The cloud services featured in the OS will be an update to the Live platform in which users will create an identity to be used across Microsoft services such as Xbox 360 to SkyDrive and more. MS is changing the service in order to implement “a truly connected experience,” which it felt Live ID didn’t live up to. The firm also stated the change should eliminate any confusion among consumers when logging into MS owned services. There’s a video explaining it more detail below. Thanks, Neowin.

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Not sure what to feel about this... I've always felt it was easy and connected enough tbh...

So MS is copying Google and Nintendo?

I'm not a fan of the whole umbrella account idea.

sounds good to me. although i have no issues right now with my live/windows accounts being linkked

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People have too many accounts and passwords to remember as it is. Anything to cut down on the clutter is a good move.

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I don't mind streamlining everything, but I think "live" is a bit more friendly than "microsoft" for a service name.

This is essentially a re branding of the windows live ID.

Windows live ID already is tied in with my Hotmail, skydrive, Windows 8 login, Xbox and Windows phone. They are just changing the name to Microsoft account.

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