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When Nintendo revealed New Super Mario Bros. 2 (NSMB2) late last week, many noticed the company classified the game as both a traditional retail offering as well as an eShop game. Today global president Satoru Iwata offered some clarification, revealing that the game would not only be available through traditional outlets, but as a digital download as well. 

Nintendo plans to allow consumers to purchase NSMB2 in a traditional packaged form, or in a downloadable, eShop-based format that can be stored on a SD card. The publisher will also allow retailers to sell the game in this format through a 16-digit downloadable code similar to eShop currency 'gift cards' that are currently on sale. 

Iwata noted that downloaded software will not be able to be shared between systems. Nintendo plans on keeping its suggested pricing of physical and digital software the same, but retailers will be able to set the prices of the software they sell as usual, including digital content.

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Fantastic news!

You guys just can't believe how big those news are for people who live in countries like mine (Brazil)!
Here's hoping for a fair price!

Huge news! Here's hoping this coincides with a model with more onboard memory.

Love and tolerate.

It's about time Nintendo does something like this. But since the prices will be the same between retail and download... I'm probably going to buy the physical copy.

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.....Does this confirm ds games and even 3ds games on the vc? If yes, heck yeah!!!. Great move Nintendo.

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Since the price is the same it will be a retail copy for me

Yea kinda crazy their keeping the digital price the same they'll get a lot more back if it does well.

That's cool, unless it means the game will be gimped.

I think I'll start buying all my games digitally from now on.

People who bought the PSP go are the ones laughing now!

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forest-spirit said:
That's cool, unless it means the game will be gimped.

Doubtful. It likely just wasn't that big in the first place. I mean, how big is NSMBWii's ISO?

Edit: a quick hitup of isohunt shows New Super Mario Bros Wii clocking in at roughly 360 MB, so it wouldn't be that crazy even with only the 2 GB memory card that comes with 3DS.

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