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I downloaded both demo versions of Burnout Paradise for PS3 and Xbox 360 today. I compared them using a Samsung 56" TV both running at 1080i accross HDMI as I don't have time to move them to my room to test them on the 42" LCD for 1080p comparisson. Here are my conclussions:

-both versions are very very very very identical visually. I must have flicked the tv/input button of the TV remote today a hundred times to compare and I can't see anything different between the two versions appart from different brightness/contrast. The method I used to compare is to drive into the same place and do the input changing.

-I noticed some very slight framerate slow downs on the PS3 version when everything gets a little crowded and fast, like when you intentionally drive into traffic head on, although it is very very unnoticeable.

-The game is a definite must buy whether you own it on the PS3 or the Xbox 360.


OK I rechecked and rechecked again. Apparently, the Xbox 360 version also has the slight slow down if you try doing a head on w/ incoming traffic. Maybe it just a matter of circumstance when ths slight slowdown appears. IE: different place and traffic conditions. 

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I downloaded the demo yesterday. It is a lot of fun.

I wrecked my car about six times in 2 minutes... (Guess I don't like turning much)...

It was pretty fun (the demo), i wouldn't buy it though. I only need one racing game and I'm saving that for Gran Turismo 5.

Im not much into racing games but if I get one it will be this. The demo sure is fun! Not into Gran Turismo. Really not my kind of game. Happy to see that PS3 owners wont get screwed like on orange box though.

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Try the demo, and while the game might be OK, it's the worst Burnout of the serie. Maybe because they dropped everythings that use to make Burnout great...