Whats the reason you buy COD?

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What is the reason you buy COD?

I want to play with friends! 0 0.00%
I love the game, i would ... 0 0.00%
The single player... its amazing :D 0 0.00%
I dunno, it just sorta happens 2 25.00%
I dont buy COD, too many idiots online 5 62.50%
see results 1 12.50%

My freind and I were discussing how COD has really deteriorated since MW2 maybe even before and we were trying to think why people buy it. The obvios one was for the online but it got us thinking "What if all your friends bought battlefield? Would you still buy COD or would you follow the crowd?" We think evryone buys COD because theyre friends all have it and if they dont cant play with friends.

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MW2 was a failure. However Black Ops was a lot more fun to me, me and friends have clocked a lot of hours on it. More than anything I guess I buy it because my friends do, and we tend to play a lot together, so MP component, the survival when it's just two of us on or zombies or even B:O MP when we're feeling a little retro haha. It's a very social game, although all of us do get absolutely pissed at it, we still work together and have some laughs.

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I will admit, it was stupidity, I bought MW3 because I was dumb. Had some extra cash, bought it on steam, beat it and have not gone back.

MW2 - better graphics
MW - Fan of the series, and it looked interesting being in the modern era.

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For starters:

Because it is a lot of fun online!

Then I would agree with the friends answer the OP had.

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