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I barely touch the online functionality on my Wii and I don't even have a XBL account for my 360.
Online simply isn't much fun to me. It's by and large mindless, messy, and filled with trolls, and makes you wait all the time.

No game should ever prioritize online over offline in my opinion.

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Generally I prefer in this order:
Local Multiplayer > Singleplayer > Online Multiplayer
But it depends on the game in the end.

For my taste, I'd say offline gaming is better than online gaming.

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I agree 100% online is fun but it shouldn't be the main part of the game that's why i like the infamous and resistance series they both have great stories. Also while im here i think that all games try to make their online COD nowadays and so online doesn't vary anymore it can be really off putting.

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By 2000 multiplayer had lost its appeal.

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Online gaming is almost non-existent to me lately. The last game I played online was Mass Effect 3 and it was usually hit or miss on the fun factor. I prefer local co-op, local competitive, and single player.

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Agreed. Single player is far more an enriching experience for me than multiplayer. I just love being told a story and seeing how it unfolds. And with todays technology and advances in gaming, we are getting some pretty goopd stories in single player games. Not all the time, but there are very strong examples out there. Honestly, multiplayer on console, I jump into for a bit just to try it out, some games grab me more than others with their online offering. Some games I just try it out once and then disregard it, while other I will play for a few weeks or up to a month and then move on. So I remember enjoying Bioshock 2's MP just cause I thought it was a little different than the traditional FPS multis out there. Got to level 35 or so and then quit playing it.

I have had instances where I got my multiplayer fix for the game from the Betas, for instance Killzone 3 and Resistance 3, I played their betas quite a bit and enjoyed them, but once the game came out I finished the single player and then just moved on to the next big game release.

I just find I don't have much time to dedicate to online multiplayer anymore, I just want to play single and move on to the next big thing. The only multiplayer game that I will always play is Counter-Strike, and til today, I have never found another game's multiplayer that surpasses it or gives me a sense of enjoyment that CS does. I mean, I have been playing this damn game for over 10 years now! To me, it is an ever-green title, one that I can always play, and I never find another game that has a multiplayer offering that satisfies me the way CS does.

Single Player > Multiplayer

Depends upon the genre. While fighters recently have attempted to implement meaty single player components, at the end of the day you end up playing the multiplayer without ever looking back.

There's also the personal preference factor, some people get a thrill from competitive gaming that no single player game can replicate. For instance games like DotA/LoL where some individuals rather spend 100s of hours mastering builds and plays for competitive play rather than slaying dragons in Skyrim.

Then there's the games that fall into a grey area like Demons Souls. The online is implemented in such a way that it complements the campaign if anything.

I definitely prefer single player. As much as I like multiplayer, I experience a much wider range of emotions playing a great campaign and I get to play at my own pace.

I like them both, but I have the most fun playing with my homies in real life or online. Social gaming is better as it brings people together.