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I have been swaying more in the multiplayer direction lately (due to gaming on my PC more) but I have to agree that I'd ultimately almost always prefer a good single-player experience over a multiplayer one, especially if it has a great story.

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Hardly ever play a game online so single player is superior to online games in my book. Also don't really care about FPS another reason why I think single player is more important.

Yes, to me one of the most important things it's the singleplayer, it's the essence of the game. I got nothing against online gaming though it's almost a year since i don't have xbox live, but forget that, online play it's for fun, singleplayer it's the experience, the feeling, the game itself.

I really enjoy both online and offline gaming. For me neither is superior to the other. I find every bit as much enjoyment in finally solving a difficult puzzle or beating a difficult level in a great platform game as I do racking up a ton of kills and leading my team to victory in an intense match of Halo multiplayer, or nailing someone with a red shell just before the finish line in an online Mario Kart race.

It's all loads of fun. Why does one have to be better than the other?

RolStoppable said:
I would say offline gaming on the whole is vastly superior to online gaming. The latter forces you to wait a lot and sometimes you just have bad luck and thus have to play with some idiots which is no fun.

That's why I prefer things that combine the two, like SSX. 

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but.. I have no online friends...


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I like online gaming better...

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Yes, I wholly agree. Only people who have started gaming this gen will say otherwise. And more developers need to realize this. An amazing single player game will make profit. You don't need a completely irrelevant multiplayer to try and make up for losses.

idk i never played online till about 08-09ish i didnt have a ethernet connection prior

i knew that i wouldnt like it, i like to game myself and not have to worry about anyone else, i never knew it would be so competitive, i thought that i would be able to own in my favorite games boy i was wrong. the thing thats wrong nowadays is that devs are focusing on MP way more than ever before that im almost forced to game online, campaigns are easier then they used to be when i used to game on the nes and snes, AI hasnt advanced for some time now. a good example of this would be 09s uncharted 2, i loved DF on hard and crushing and the amount of enemies you encountered i thought that i would do repeat playthroughs of uncharted 2 but only did the amount required for platinum.

i spent around 600hrs on its MP mainly TDM i had more fun with its MP then i ever imagined i got to use all of uncharteds TPS shooter mechanics and need skill and strategies to become a better player something i couldnt do much in the SP b/c of how linear and scripted it was. so in some cases SP is superior but in some MP is b/c the challenge and thought process required, if a game has a challenging SP that requires you to repeatedly use all of the games functions and even other SP modes that were seeing now like survival and separate side missions then i usually dont uses its MP

I agree with you on a pretty high level, but Demon's/Dark Souls has demonstrated that an online experience can actually enhance a single player experience greatly!

Though as of recent I played Chrono Cross and I can easily say it holds up and it has one of the best single player experiences out there.