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See the New Halo 4 Footage from Conan

Your first look at some brand-new crates. Also, ships and guns.

April 17, 2012

New Halo 4 footage appeared on Conan tonight. It came on the tail end of a rather lengthy comedy bit featuring 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor and Kiki Wolfkill alongside Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter.

There isn't much to see, but we do get a look at the battle rifle doing serious damage to some Spartan sucker's face on the Wraparound map. If you're really hardcore, you'll notice that the scope view looks quite different, more rectangular.

In addition, we get a peek at a "gray box" render -- that is, no textures, but the geometry is all in place -- of a hanger filled with human ships. Pelicans, to be exact. What are UNSC boats doing out in the middle of alien space? Maybe this is a multiplayer map despite the video claiming it's a campaign scene? Maybe it's just for a sketch. Maybe this is just delving into wild, nerdy speculation.

Really, though, the real draw here is nine minutes of O'Brien badgering Frank O'Connor relentlessly. Enjoy.




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video wont work for me

ZaneWane said:
video wont work for me

Try the link. Also the mini article basically tells you everything.


Yeah I am dumping this thread that I scrapped here.


Nintendo is doing all the right things.


  • Improved Online
  • Working with 3rd parties to make everything easier
  • Improved Graphics
  • Improved Storage
  • Apps
  • Tablets
  • Downloadable games
  • DLC
  • The Games you want!
  • Mystery
  • Another Killer Handheld system

We already know this is the case from what we have seen and heard from Nintendo. I see know reason why they would not be able to do well this coming gen, with all of that above being fixed , and coming out a year before the other two companies consoles. Possibly even longer! The Price will be competitive, and as we have seen with the 3DS, Nintendo is not afraid to sell the Wii U at a loss.

We still need to wait for E3 for certain answers, but I am pretty sure that I already have the answer. Wii U will not fail.

this one works for me

For those of you who cannot see the first video, here is this one.



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Hahaha, that guy is a crackup.

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