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"A new job listing on the LittleBigPlanet website suggests that Sony are at least looking into, if not already working on, an MMO based in the LBP universe.

So there I was, casually reading the latest of the regular LittleBigPlanet community updates on the PlayStation Blog when I noticed that Media Molecule (and the rest of the LBP studios – Double Eleven, United Front etc.) are hiring. Reading through the listings, which include gameplay, tools and network positions – there’s not too much exciting, until you get to the page for Lead Community Manager.

Under the ‘requirements’ section is “a strong knowledge and passion for games, ideally to include social gaming and MMO’s”. Now sure, the LBP franchise is easily the most family-friendly in Sony’s stable (sorry Kratos!), but the existing entries are pretty solid and challenging platformers, not what you’d describe as “social games”. And, while the series is pretty well-known for its online capabilities, you wouldn’t really describe any of the games so far as MMOs.

Now of course this could just be Sony looking for someone with a lot of experience dealing with creative and commited communities like the one that surrounds Media Molecule’s baby, but given the company’s recent experiments with console MMOs (in the form of Free Realms, DCUO and Home), and testing of the free-to-play waters (MAG, Killzone 3), it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to suggest some kind of ‘LittleBigUniverse’ project is brewing somewhere at the Worldwide Studios. Looking for a community manager with MMO experience now suggests that such a project might already be pretty far along.

Roll on E3…"

What do you guys think?

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Media Molecule have said they are done with LBP.

I'm not really here!

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Too be honest I hope not, if they want to make a MMO they should pick a different/better universe

I'm more exited about the social gaming aspect.. LBP facebook incoming!


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I'm interested.


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not sure what to make of this.

hopefully they've decided to scrap the lbp racers thing and re-tool i for MNR2, or just prep for MNR2

This rumor is ridiculous. Of all the sony franchises to lie about they chose this one...-_-
I agree 100%. MNR2 should be made not LBP Racing even though the latter probably would do better. MNR just has a vastly superior art style. Despite having the cutest character from gaming(Sackboy), LBP has the WORST artstyle in gaming. It seriously is one of those games that make me extremely angry when looking at it.

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Is this a MMO generation? Hopefully not.

Besides, this just sounds ridiculous! XD Why would they want to do that.

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kowenicki said:
Media Molecule have said they are done with LBP.

They're working with United Front Games on LBP Karting.

I cant even keep track on all these latest rumours about Sony games. LBP Karting(real), LBP MMO, GoW4, Title Fight etc etc