How did you find out about VG Chartz.com?

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I read it on ign i think talking about halo 3 sales.

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Yahoo search next gen wars


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Do you mean vgcharts.org?


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It was mid august and I hear talks that Wii catched up to 360 so i went on google to check and there was Vgchartz along with other sales websites but I like Vgchartz data more so I came here everyday until I decided to become a member 4 months later

stumbled across it while researching which console I wanted to buy this gen. I then proceeded to lurk the site for almost a year before deciding to participate.

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Ya I lurked the site for about a monthy too and then decided to join cuz it is free(Unlike XBL #$%$ M$)

Google search. I was looking for sales of an old game after a dispute on GameFAQs and came across VGC, I was greeted by a news post by the source and his disturbing avatar which he still uses to this day. I looked the site over briefly but then left, then felt myself drawn back about a week or two later. After that I finally lurked the forums for bout a week before signing up.

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Yah I starting coming to the site early summer but dint become a mem till Nov


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I found out about this site about a year ago, but I don't recall how I first stumbled across it.

I'd regularly visit to check the numbers, but I never botherd with the forums.

A couple of months ago I joined up and lurked around the forums but I only started posting about a week ago. :D

A friend sent me a link over AIM a month after the PS3 and Wii came out to show me how the Wii was dominating. I bookmarked the site and I've been coming here for sales data ever since.

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