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Capcom have released a brand new trailer for Dragon’s Dogma. In this trailer you’ll learn all about the grab and hold gameplay in Dragon’s Dogma.


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Game is shaping along quite nicely

You know when this was first announced i didn't thin a whole lot of it, but it looks awesome as hell to me now so ill probably get it day 1.

Looks like my type of game, i'll continue to keep an eye on this.

Looks really neat and polished.Usually games like this are quite messy with stuff covering the screen but this looks very clean and polished.

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I really like the magic animations in this game, some of the best ever. Grab on thing is cool too, you can also grab on to dragons.

I'll probably buy this in June.

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

The game doesn't have the highest production values but the concept seems nice. It just looks fun to play.

Also, the pawn's broken English is hilarious.

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