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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, one of the best games of the year released in 2011 has received it's first offical price cut. The system seller which to date has sold over 4 million copies world wide, and continues to sell over 35,000 copies a week world wide, is now definately on it's way to hit 5 million copies sold. As of this week, Uncharted 3 has received a price cut in the U.S dropping it's retail price from $59.99 to now $39.99, this should add to Uncharted 3's amazingly consistent sales

can this end up being the franchises first game to top 7 million copies life time? Or will Uncharted 2 beat it?



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On its way to seven million

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Time for hype

they need to cut the price of the dlc $10 for four maps is pretty high and $6 just for a new mode aint any better

hows it tracking against UC2 and GEARS 3?

BHR3 said:
they need to cut the price of the dlc $10 for four maps is pretty high and $6 just for a new mode aint any better

I agree with you on the new mode price but definitely disagree on the map packs..especially the latest 4 maps which are absolutely fantastic! I can't even recall another MP that includes swimming as part of gameplay. Swimming under the broken ships with fish swimming around is just surreal

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7 million confirmed

while Americans have the cheapest base price. They sure don't have the cheapest down the line. uncharted 3 was 19 pounds in the UK since the new year on zavvis mega Mondays

Pretty good, I'm planning to get the part 1 and 2 combo soon as well.


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Too soon.

Id have saved any price cut until the Summer "drought", then had an Uncharted Trilogy pack for $60 during the holidays.

It hasn't been full price since a couple of weeks after launch so I wouldn't get so excited. Uncharted 3 only sold as much as it has quickly due to massive bundling and a good advertisement campaign for once from Sony, otherwise you can take 1m+ off and that's how much it would've sold.

I think it sold badly considering how massively bundled it was & how it had a price reduction in just a few weeks and how it is a sequel to a fairly successful game, it sold nowhere near as well as Gears 3, Skyrim (360), BF3 (360) and none of them were bundled. UC3 will never reach 7m, neither will UC2. They'll both reach 5.75-6.25m.

What you people don't understand is that selling more games quickly at full price means more profit, even if UC2/3 magically could reach 7m at the price of a bag of peanuts then it doesn't mean much because the profit they make will still be tiny compared to the 3 games listed above for example, or even a game that can reach around 4m+ in around a year without being bundled massively. How can people be impressed by sales made by mass bundling? Uncharted would be a 4.75-5.25m seller if it wasn't bundled so much. I hate the Uncharted games, they are so mediocre and they just feel like they're designed for fools and philistines, they'll be forgotten within 10 years anyway because the only thing people like about them is the graphics and they'll be hideously outdated next generation.