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Would Apple be smart to enter the console industry?

Yes 27 31.03%
Yes, but not with Valve!' 10 11.49%
No 49 56.32%

******Update *******

To my great relief GamesIndustryNews is reporting that Gabe has clarified Apples CEO did not visit Valve. That while Valve would love to see Apple get more into the gaming industry it never occurred. Their is absolutely no Apple/Valve console or product coming.coming Yayz!!!

Well everyone heard the CEO of Apple was spotted visiting Apple and we have all heard Valve is working on hardware. Some say a new mobile computing device. However a more disturbing report is now out. Apple is designing a new touch screen TV that will act like a giant I-Pad and Apple is getting Valve to develop a motion control gaming platform for the TV. However my bet is the console will be a stand alone device because if it is wrapped around the TV's success Apple would fail in a major way.

This is supposedly Apples long awaited entry into the games industry. I can assume since its going to be Valve hardware that Valve will be the primary developer and it will be the SteamBox everyone has been talking about. It would be a smart business partner for Apple. However with Steam and the App store being the primary delivery devices on the platform would EA support it? Steam competes with Origin and chances are that EA would avoid the platform unless Origin was also supported.

Now the article states a Kinect like motion controlling console that is innovative. My bet is it is not a Kinect rip off. Valve wouldn't develop a Kinect knock off my bet is it ais anew motion controller experience. Maybe it is a mobile augmented system as rumoured. You play with a augmented glasses system like Google's Google glasses.

Is Valve a good enough partner to take on the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony? Also what about Steams multi platform nature we know it is rumored to be available on WiiU and is already on PC. How would Apple harness Steam could they keep the service on multiple platforms including competitors like WiiU and PC? Or for Apple to succeed will Steam have to go Apple exclusive? Will Apple go after the high end console market to take on PS4. And NextBox or after the lower end game driven platform of Nintendo's. WiiU?

Does Apple have a chance in entering the console industry? I bet they know their isn't room in the industry for four competitors will Apple take any of the big three out? Is this a smart business move for Apple? My bet is Apples new console will be ready to unveil at E3 2013 and launch shortly after its existing competitors. What's your take on this leak?

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Looks like the rumors are finally starting to make sense, I am afraid.

If this turns out to be true, it appears that they will be competing directly with Nintendo over the casual gamers.

Just noticed the article says the console is coming with the TV likely late 2012. That would put in a collision course with Nintendo. Can Apple take Nintendo without an amazing first party studio line up and support from all the major third parties? Or is Steams platform good enough to take on Nintendo and later the super power twins?


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I don't think they will make a console. They are already in the gaming industry and will focus on their IOS platform. If they want to become a bigger name and further embed themselves in the industry they have other options such as Apple TV or getting better support for Mac.

There's no room for this.... Sega quit for a reason.

Apple should just make games, 3rd party if they want to get into gaming... Like Sega does now.... I can't see myself with no more than 2 next gen consoles... and, PS4 has one of those spots locked already, and the other is reserved for nintendo, or microsoft.

I don't know, though...

Apple is just one of those products everyone owns... There's a reason I don't have an iPhone, or an iPod. Honestly, though, that is my only reason, they don't seem to make terrible products... It's just, too many people owning them for my tastes.  That may seem backwards to ome of you, but, I'm not the one to fall to peer pressure.

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Now, if close to no one buys it, but, at the same time, it's something i deem favorable, then, I'll consider it with PS4.

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No... Tim is just using his power as Apple CEO and gave Gabe a secret iPhone 5 to find out what we all want to know... wtf is keeping Half-Life 3!


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an apple and valve combo, you'd have a great technology company, as well as an amazing company behind games, next gen just got a lot more interesting, and if it indeed comes out later this year competing with the WiiU, Nintendo better watch out

Joelcool7 said:

Apple is designing a new touch screen TV that will act like a giant I-Pad



lol... Apple isn't going to do that.. a touchscreen remote  and Siri voice control would be logical.. this idea is just plain dumb... how are you going to view a 50 inch screen while you are at an arm lenght away from it?


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

Apple would never succeed in the console race unless they went ultra casual. The core gaming consumer is not only not an apple fan, a lot are ardently against them.

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Well... you know if you see an Apple Branded Controller/Console "left" at a bar in California then it's on the way... other than that we shouldn't believe this.

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