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Sony Cancels PSN's Qore

Sony's Qore interactive magazine began in June of 2008 and has been released monthly onto the PSN ever since. But today on the PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that April 2012's edition of Qore would be the last issue released.

"As the first interactive digital magazine on a game console, Qore provided an innovative mix of quality HD video and interactive content covering over 160 new games," PSN's Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi noted on the PS Blog.

"With this April episode, Qore concludes its run on the PlayStation Network. As a send off, the Qore team built one final DLC package: the Qore Ultimate Arcade features a compilation of 11 mini games offered through the series. Our thanks to all involved in the creation and production of Qore and to the many fans who regularly watched each month."

Word of Qore's cancellation comes on the heels of dire news set to strike Sony Corporation. The company is purportedly prepping to lay off a full 6% of its global workforce -- 10,000 people in all -- and has warned that its biggest yearly loss is on the horizon, purportedly reaching $6.4 billion in total.


To be fair..... did anyone here actually pay for an episode?


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not even sure what Qore was

Gotta trim down the costs, may as well cut things no one cares about.

I'm surprised it lasted this long. After the initial release way back when, I completely forgot about it.

Qore irritated me because it was too much of a kiss ass. I MISS Firstplay!!! Unlike Qore or Access, they weren't afraid to say a game was shite!

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now the last thing that needs to be done is scrap PlayStation Plus and bring back PlayStation UnderGround to take its place


In before 60$ a year for access to PSN

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Good, it was pointless. The only thing I remember was when PSP Go was leaked by a Qore issue before E3. Anyone still remember that one?

losing Veronica belmont was a big



Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

NiKKoM said:

losing Veronica belmont was a big



So lifelike.