How big is the PS3 lens problem ?

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I'm not trying to start a troll wars, I'm just asking a question.

On the PS3 official french community forum ( http://community.eu.playstation.com/showthread.php?t=156146&page=34 ), more and more ppl are complaining about the PS3 lens problem. Apparently, the console sometimes crash (mainly with PES but other games too) and once reboot, the console itself still works, and you can play demos, use PSN and such, but it doesn't read BR discs anymore. At all.

 Is it a "local" problem or does it happens in your country too ? Any idea of how big is this problem ?

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Never happened to me, the only time my PS3 freezes is when I'm playing Unreal Tournament 3. Just have to restart and everything works fine.

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first i heard of it

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What problem?

never had the prob ,it might be the 40 gig ps3's that have the prob

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lol wut?

Well its not the console, its the port. The ps3 reacts, when there is something trying to attack its CPU, and Hard drive it shuts off by itself to stop the threat. Therefore its not the ps3 but the software that is defected.


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I had a similar problem, but mine was a result of the disc drive motor not working. It had the same end result as the above problem - I could do everything but read discs.

Personally, I think there are two separate problems going on, and people are just assuming it's all because of the lens, thus lumping them together, making it seem larger than it really is.

I've read a handful of complaints like that. I think the failure rate is like 2% now or something. Not sure.

Never happened to me.

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some friends of mine have a ps3, and they don't have problems with the bluray.