EA defends itself against thousands of anti-gay letters

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Do you agree with EA on this?

Yes 39 34.82%
No 30 26.79%
It's sad that the "... 27 24.11%
See results 15 13.39%

Its sad to see how many people think they can tell others what to do with their life.

Life is not black and white. If you live it that way, you're living one pathetic little life.

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VGKing said:
" Of course, those of you reading this already know how ludicrous this is. The games are not for children,"

Neither is Call of Duty, yet millions still play the games.
With the increase of popularity of Mass Effect, children will be exposed to these themes. It could just be from a related Youtube video about Mass Effect.

So the idea is that because you can't ban incompetent parenting you should ban all media with adult themes?

If parents are anti-gay and let their kids play these games then sucks for them, it's their own damned fault.