Devs to CVG - 'WiiU CPU < PS360'; Nintendo - 'We don't focus on specs'

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Saw this posted over on GAF:

First, Nintendo of America responded to the GI Biz article being discussed in the other thread.


Originally Posted by NoA:

“We do not focus on technology specs. We understand that people like to dissect graphics and processing power, but the experience of playing will always be more important than raw numbers.”

CVG just posted an independent story/rumor from another two dev sources, who claim that the Wii U will not just be up-rez'd PS360 graphics...because it doesn't have the horsepower to do so.


Originally Posted by CVG:

Sources said graphical quality "won't be a problem" on Nintendo's new console, but a drop in CPU horsepower compared to 360 and PS3 could see Wii U lag behind in areas such as complicated physics and AI.

"Assumptions that Wii U games will look like 'up rezzed' current-gen titles with better textures aren't quite right. They'll look just as good, but not better," one developer told CVG. "You shouldn't expect anything special from a graphics point of view," they added.

A second source working on a big name franchise said GPU and RAM power "won't be a problem" on the new console but, again, claimed Wii U struggles to match PS3 and 360 in processing power.

"We're still working on dev machines but there have definitely been some issues [in porting PS3/360 games]," our source said. "It's not actually a problem getting things up and running because the architecture is pretty conventional, but there are constraints with stuff like physics and AI processing because the hardware isn't quite as capable."

The same source concluded, bluntly: "I suppose you don't need sophisticated physics to make a Mario game."

Either the same two developers mouthing off to multiple members of the media anonymously, or we have 4 devs in the past few days who believe that the Wii U is basically in the same league as the PS3 and 360. How much the tablet controller effects these assessments remains to be seen.


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So pretty much, different sources saying the same thing as every other article?

Wait this exact topic was posted.

I see the "I suppose you don't need sophisticated physics to make a Mario game." quote XD

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There is absolutely no way you can ever consider an IBM Power 7 (confirmed Wii CPU) in any configuration as less than or even equal to either of the processors in PS360.

God I'm so tired of these crazy threads.

"I suppose you don't need sophisticated physics to make a Mario game."

I could just slap this guy. ugh

The people making up this BS probably want Nintendo to falter. Also, in SMG, you DO need sophisticated physics.

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It doesn't matter super chunk, the WII U will have to have two games running at once basically one with the tablet controller and the other on the television, this will drain a load of resource



 "I suppose you don't need sophisticated physics to make a Mario game."


trolololololololololololol. I'm sorry but that comment is GOLD. Successful troll is successful in this case.

But seriously though, how the heck is it possible for Nintendo to manage to make a console that is less powerful than 8 year old technology. Where do you find these parts nowadays?

It just can't be possible, we are talking about consoles from Sony and MS which are making leaps almost as big as SD to HD, and Nintendo somehow manages to take a leap back from PS360 graphical/processing power? Plus we have heard multiple reports beforehand which have claimed Wii U to be more powerful specswise than PS360. I call bull****.


Must be The controller taking up resources. I'd hate to think how much it will cost when a PS3 controller is $60.

Anywho, here's what we've had in the past 24 hours:

GPU is the problem, everything else is fine.

CPU is the problem, the GPU is fine.

62 days 'til E3 Yay! :D

If Nintendo comments are indeed true (Someone go verify I'm lazy), they probably wouldn't be doing PR about console power if it wasn't true.