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Say WotS?! You heard me right! Spike and Acquire’s Way of the Samurai 4 is confirmed for release in North America on the PS3, and we at XSEED Games are pleased to be bringing it to you fully uncut and uncensored. Torture chambers, naughty midnight missions in the dark and all the brutal slaughtering you can handle await in this riveting and 100% historically accurate (shhhh!) sandbox-style samurai period drama.

Admiral Perry has just opened Japan’s borders to the British, allowing for a long-overdue globalization process to begin. Unfortunately, one of the open ports happens to be a modest Japanese burg called Amihama, where a resistance group known as the “Disciples of Prajna” have taken up arms against the arriving foreigners and all who support them.

As a lone samurai who’s just arrived amidst the chaos, it’s up to you whether you want to join forces with the Prajna resistance, fight alongside the foreigners in the name of progress or take your stance somewhere between the two by supporting the local government’s attempts to quell the violence (through any means possible).

You have complete freedom to play the game however you wish, and the possibilities are certain to defy your expectations — often in a nearly surrealistic manner!

For the man who’s always looking to thrust his sword into something new and different, Way of the Samurai 4 delivers. Never the same game twice, this is historic fiction at its best. Viva la WotS! Banzai!

(Oh, and we don’t have a release date or pricing info for you just yet, but we will soon. Stay tuned!)

I've played the first and third entries and absolutely loved them, so I'm excited to see this one finally coming over!


EDIT - The comments in the blog post mention that it's a digital exclusive, which bums me out a little bit. Hopefully it will be like $40 or so to reflect the lack of a physical release.

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Xseed have been truly amazing these last few years. It's nice to see NISA aren't the only ones out there that understand there's a niche market in the West worth catering to.

"For the man who’s always looking to thrust his sword into something new and different,"


Oh, you guys. 

I havent played the first 3 ;x

Would I have to play the first 3 to understand the story?


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BasilZero said:
I havent played the first 3 ;x

Would I have to play the first 3 to understand the story?

I'm not entirely sure of that myself. I have played a little bit of the first and the entirely of the third, but I seemed to have a pretty good understanding of the third's story without having played the other two, so I think you should be safe. Amazon has the third for sale for like $25 (third party vendor), if you want to get a taste of the gameplay before this one comes out.

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BasilZero said:
I havent played the first 3 ;x

Would I have to play the first 3 to understand the story?

No, all of the games have self contained stories.

Edited the main post to mention that a reply to a comment in the article says it's going to be released on the Playstation Store as a digital only release.

i tried way of the samurai 3, its a very weird game, if you die thats it you start all over again i couldnt get my head round it. if it had been and openish rpg samurai game that would be something

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it aint much on graphics


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Lol! The guy on Siliconera was right.
I really don't need to read the OP. Xseed doing the localization.
Anyway, Cool. Definitely on my watch list because you can peep at night. Lol


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