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Looking at the sales chart, I always find pretty weird to see a FREE game in it. I mean, we're talking about video game SALES, right ?

So considering that Wiisport is a free bundle in USA and EU (but not in japan), I find it pretty irrelevant to see it in these charts. At this point, coherence would lead you to take in account Hexic (a free game installed on each X360) sales... which would today be around 9 millions ! But that's silly. Nobody does it, so why doing it for Wiisport ?

The worst is it's, of course, big volume, which means huge impact on market share charts, while in fact, this game doesen't generate any true incomes... 

 Maybe something should be "done" about Wiisport in order to get accurate datas about SALES market shares.


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Actual agree. The only thing why I could change my mind is that Wii Sport is more important for system sales than Hexic.



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i agree that it might not be fair adding it in with other games that are not-bundled.. but one point have always felt was true was that Wii Sports is *not* free.. imo, the price is incorporated into the cost of the console

Maybe, but to which extend ? And do Hexic (which indeed, is not a system seller, lol) price is also included in the X360 price ?

Wiisport isen't a temporary bundle (like usually), it's "included" in the console.

The Wii is still quite young, but imagine sales remain steady in the long run (5-6 years)... Wiisport will be in chart every month during the all life span of the console ? Even in period where there are not big releases on the Wii but the Wii is still selling (it's already happened), Wii sport will appear in games sales charts and give a wrong view of the market at this precise moment.

What bother me at this point is that this could happen with any free games coming out on any machine. Just imagine the PC charts including Free Cell... Yep, All time best seller, every month on top of the charts because there are roughtly 7 millions PC sold each month across the world... But that would be irrelevant.

I don't see an issue with Wii Sports being in the charts. That's better to have it instead of not having it, no? Even if we should not compare its sales with other games I don't see why we should take it off the chart, we had Mario 64, Tetris, etc on the charts, this one game is no exeption.

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I think Wii Sports should be on the charts. Even if comes with the Wii outside Japan, it still is a game, that without people would buy a game with the Wii. Which in most cases would be Wii sports. Super Mario Bros. is in the charts, and it was included in most NES's sold. And if you don't count in bundled games, you count out all the games, which has been bundled with any hardware, or at least the bundled quantity. Even that you don't count in minesweeper etc. in PC market, you do count in all the Windows's sold bundled with hardware. Right? It's pretty hard for casual people to find a PC without Windows in the supermarkets. If you wouldn't count the Windows bundle for sold software, guess which one has bigger market share, Windows's sold separately or Linuxes downloaded?

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

I understand what you mean, but I think there's a difference between wii sports  and other "free" games. One is that this game is sold like a normal game in japan, and the other is that it is a game which could be sold for itself, unlike those other games you mentioned.

And it is not sure that this game will always be included in those wii-bundles. I can imagine that nintendo makes a hardcore pack one day or something like that, with another game. And then there rests no difference to games like Super Mario Bros. or Tetris.

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But the problem is that Wiisport isen't exactly a bundle as I said, its' included. Basically, It's not sold.

The number of Wii sport is always available anyway, since it's the very same number of Wii sold in US and EU.

At some point, i don't have special problem with Wiisport being in the chart (even if it's strange), but I do have problem when VG Charts take this game in account in various general charts like Tie ratio or general games market share.

If to you, comparing 150 000 Super Paper Mario (50$), 403 000 Guitar Hero 2 (90$), 890 000 God of War 2 (50$) with 2 416 000 Wiisport (0 $) is relevant, good.

But in terms of bussiness, it's not. The number of Wiisport sold does not represant any kind of attachment rate, it doesn't represent anything in terms of revenues generated by Wii games as a whole (in fact, it might hinder the real revenue, since it lowers the average price/units sold if you don't remove it) and it artificially increase the market share of Wii games in the general market...

In the end, you just get many false results by including it, while removing it will give you a more accurate representation of the market state...

Wiisports shouldnt be in the charts .Period .

Same situation with Wii-play.