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-Newcloud- said:
This doesnt seem true EA are great!

and remember you can get Battlefield 3 now for 39.99, and what this Call of Duty still 59.99!!

You damn paid EA troll!!  I found another one!

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Yeah so what.

We don't even get paid and we do it due to some nonexistant allegience to certain games/franchises/companies.

Big deal.

I always knee this was an actual job.
I wonder how liable a company is to divulge their information, or whether they could be sued if caught with it.

The whole BF3 is the greatest game ever COD:MW3 is complete shit threads were always kind of suspicious considering both games were multi-platform and it was rare to get such obnoxious in your face threads like that in the past for such games.

Take a look at the following Metacritic pages and look at the scores...


Im sorry but bf3 is easily the better game, cod plays like butter on metal; ie theres nothing solid.
for people who know, its like a sixaxis compared to a dualshock. The sixaxis is nice, but theres no weight, it just doesnt feel like it has quality.
imo anyway
i feel like his is some kind of reverse troll to make people think cod haters are paid by ea.

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There must be some kind of class action suit we can file to get all companies to release their informations. On troll marketers.