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We all know that Aldro is payed to promote Uncharted 3 and ethomaz GT5 and troll Forza by Sony.


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If true, that is some badass marketing.

i am very happy with the EA game or service discussed in this thread

all others suck

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Viral marketing can take many forms.

I'm sure we have had (have) a few here.

I have very strong suspicions about one individual. I'm such a tease.

I'm not really here!

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Carl2291 said:
Companies do this a lot.

I remember a MS guy on GAF got caught out trolling Sony. Its quite funny really.

Whereas with Sony, the trolling is left to the executives!

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Andrespetmonkey said:

Guys this is such bullshit, don't listen to it.
EA would never do something like this, go buy SSX and Battlefield 3, they're quality games and that's what EA is about.

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When you have most gamers troll them for their shitty business practices then they gotta do something... They have some pretty bad practices going on like requiring internet to play, milking some of their franchises, buying smaller studios and turning their work of art into crap, having you create a LIVE account just to play GTA4 on Steam - wtf??, etc...   Maybe if they handled their older ips right then I would give them more respect. What the fuck happened to Road Rash, Desert Strike, Magic Carpet, General Chaos, etc...? Don't worry about bringing them back EA you would probably just fuck them up anyways.

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PearlJam said:
Microsoft used to do this A LOT back when they were launching the first Xbox, and they did it for a few years after. I'm sure they still do it, but it was really obvious and bad around this time.

Sony hired a fucking ARMY (more like ten armies) to furiously defend the PS3. Just remember the horrible stink on Sony's console, and how just seemingly overnight there were more people defending the PS3 than the 2 other systems combined.

It was Sony's army against the other armies of paid trolls. It was an all out Troll War!

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I know a lot of companies to do this.. there is special software on the market which tracks every twitter hastag, facebook ikes, all other social media stuff in one place 24/7.. when something bad is being said about their company or products there will be a warning and they have their users go into the thread/twiiterfeed etc and post positive responses, even goverments do this.. social media control is big business now


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!)