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I accidentally blurted out the word 'squeige' when talking about all of the ugly houses which are both square and beige.

Since it sounds just as disgusting as squeige things look, I consider it my own little contribution to the english language.

"The worst part about these reviews is they are [subjective]--and their scores often depend on how drunk you got the media at a Street Fighter event."  — Mona Hamilton, Capcom Senior VP of Marketing
*Image indefinitely borrowed from BrainBoxLtd without his consent.

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Oh man this guy actually came to my school, when I was in 10th grade.

Something amazing to actually see it in person.

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Wow thats really amazing. He did all that in his head. Theres no way he could have cheated, he picked random people.

Parokki said:
This guy is amazing. The best I can do is remember pi up to 3.14159265358979323846264. ;___;

haha I only know pi up to: 3.141592 lol


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