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WHAT THE FUCK! 77 100.00%

Damn, Nintendo fans want dat power.

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Noone had given solid numbers, we don't know how powerful it is.


We're a little bit over 2 months away from E3 and, while it is unlikely that we will get published specs, odds are pretty good that we will have an idea what the Wii U's performance is like ...

Personally, I expect a half-generation jump over the PS3 and XBox 360; producing a nice boost in visuals with a modest price tag, and the primary selling feature will not be the processing power.

Might as well be true lol, going to be a next gen system isn't it?


LOL! The Graphics rumors are becoming ridiculous. XD One says one thing, the other says the complete opposite, and then you've got the really, really wrong people. Ohh you devs.

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One day is two Wii duc-taped...

Next day is a powerful machine....

Now, it's only on par with current gen...

I know now what is exactly a Wii U:

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A Wii U could be two Wii's duct taped together. For example, (-Wiifinity, Wii) U (Wii, Wiifinity), as you can see there is an infinite set of Wiis that can be used to power this bad boy.

Joking aside, honestly, people really need to stop ragging on Nintendo for this. Sure the company took a bit longer than usual to get to the HD era, but after the GCN performance, I can hardly blame them for switching shaking things up a bit. Truthfully, all I want, what I really really want, is an HD Wii that makes Skyward Sword look like the original Super Mario Bros.

I'm not much of a Nintendo fanboy, but all it takes to guarantee a buy from me with the Wii U are it's HD first party titles. Maybe a free online service with a premium. The tablet looks great. It's like extra content for any game on the console, if the devs take the effort to utilize it. The Wii U doesn't really need to be that much greater, in terms of power, to the PS360, it just needs the backing of key devs to make the console great. Nintendo really needs to court them so they don't cut any corners.

E3 will really tell all honestly. The devs will finally get to see what Nintendo is doing with its games and how they've decided to utilize the tablet. Once they see that they'll be like "Oh, so that's another way we can use it." Or "Alright, time to make GTA5 exclusive to the Wii U" or "Final Fantasy XIII Versus, why does it need to be on any other console but the Wii U!?"

Haha, well that last bit was somewhat of a joke. Anyways, we'll see how it pans out in the future.

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We'll know exactly how powerful the Wii U is once Nintendo shows off some of their software for it at E3.

Anyone who is expecting 3rd party multiplatform titles that are slated for launch to be head and shoulders above the PS360 versions are barking up the wrong tree... developers are simply going to port the games and add touch screen / motion controls to them for the time being since they are pressed for time as it is meeting their target dates just for the current gen systems, and there's no guarantee the Wii U launch versions of said 3rd party games will sell well at all.

Once we get into 2013, expect 3rd parties to start taking advantage of the Wii U's extra power... if GTAV for example does in fact come out in May '13 (according to the leak), then I expect R* to have a Wii U version ready with enhanced visuals as well.

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VGKing said:

No one expects the Wii U to be noticeably more powerful than a PS3 or Xbox 360. Those of you expecting that, you should savor this "rumor".

Well, it depends on who you're asking and what qualifies as "noticeably better".  Will the average non-gamer off the street notice a huge jump?  Maybe not.  But I think most of us that frequent forums like this probaby will:

First, the system's RAM/eDRAM advantages alone would give it better capabilities even if the hardware was otherwise identical to the current HD consoles.

Second, it's rumored to be using a highly customized AMD Radeon R700 HD GPU, released in 2008, but likely with better/optimized performance in WiiU.

Third, the CPU is supposedly based on IBM's POWER7, released in 2010.

So yeah, many of us are expecting a bit of a jump in its capabilities.

One thing to note regarding the Vigil Games interview is that Donald specifically says, "...we’re not going to being doing anything to uprez the game, but we’ll take advantage of the controller for sure."  If utilizing the controller involves displaying the game on it, it would explain why the main game's resolution remains the same as the PS360 versions.  Just my guess.

I have a feeling the wii u is going to be something like the 3DS, not extremely powerful, and will shadowed by the nextbox/PS4 in terms of graphics. It won't be as small a difference as it was between 360 and PS3.