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So Darksiders 2, it's like Darksiders but bigger in every way plus the addition of more RPG mechanics such as skill trees and a loot system, everyone loves color coded loot right? The story of Darsiders 2 runs in parallel to the story of the first (I know a bit of a bummer) and follows the adventures of Death one of the 4 riders of the apocalypse on his quest to clear his brother War's name. The game also featuresthe voice talents of film actors Michael Wincott (Death) and James Cosmo (Master Elder Eidard).


The game also features more agile platforming (Think PoP: The Sands of Time) and agile combat (all dodge all the time) with new combo system that allows seccondary weapons to be chained in with the rythem bassed "delayed-button press combos" of Death's Sythes, also certain rare and unique items will have their own combos. The game world is made up of 4 main areas each one as big is the entire first game's world (The first area has as many dungeons as the entire first game), with lots of side quests NPCs, oh and did I mentaion instant fast travel? The main campaign is expected to last ~25 hours (double it for 100% completion of all side quests and secrets). And on top of that there will also be a New Game+ feature where you can play though again carrying over your levels and gear and also new high level loot to find, and to finnish off the Diablo cloning the game will also feature permadeath in Nightmare Mode! But the content doesn't end there, there is also a Arena combat mode called The Crucible which allows you to face up to a thousand waves of enemies for the chance to collect epic loot. There is also upgraded engine that offers better performance with more objects on screen, more customisation for PC users.

Oh and did I mention no more shitty quality FMVs? All cutscenes are now real-time so you can see your gear!

And a note about the comabt shamelessly stolen from GAF, Check out the OT there it's better than mine http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=485628

"Darksiders II combat engine was created under the watch of Lead Combat Designer Ben Cureton, who is known in the competitive fighting game community under his nickname “Tragic”. Under his lead, original Darksiders combat was greatly upgraded into a state that enables not only easy and viable use of many of its basic features by total novices, but also rewards more talented players who can use advanced techniques, complex tactics, and features that are often found only in top-tier competitive combat games. 

The most important aspect of Darksiders II combat is ability to move fast across battlefield, chain almost every move into new free-flowing combos, and control enemies with crowd controlling abilities. Here are some (not all!) features of the Darksiders II combat:

There is no Block - You must move, dash, evade, cancel enemy attacks, or otherwise find a way to stay alive. Because of this, Death showcases many traits of fast assassin-like characters: always on the move, always finding a way to evade enemies.

Main Attack - Scythe works similar as War’s sword in the first game, but it is enhanced like all other aspects of the combat engine. You can spam primary attack to for example create basic 4 button press combo (8 in-game attacks) that will end in the knockback effect (great for novices), buy and unlock many new combos, and even preform specific delayed attacks that build new and powerful combos. Delayed attacks will leave you open for enemy retaliation - but the longer the delay, the more damage will weapon deal (this is true for every other aspect of the combat).

Secondary Attacks – In addition to his Scythe, Death can wield two types of secondary weapons, Heavy and Melee. Heavy Weapons (spears, axes, hammers) have really slow attacks, but they are very powerful and can have great area effects. One of their most effective damage dealing abilities is "Just Frame" attacks, which enable you to enhance their damage, and change the flow of your combos. Melee Weapons on the other hand, are designed to be extremely fast damage dealers, but for maximum effect you need to be really close to the enemies.

Crossovers Attacks – Primary and secondary weapons can be combined into crossover combos, which can be very powerful and effective. In mid-combo situations, you can switch between your primary and secondary weapon, not only one time, but however times you want. The most important thing is that final move of Crossover combos will always be “basic finishing combo move” of that weapon. 


Abbility/Magic Attacks – As in the first game, Death will on his journey collect many secondary abilities/gadgets and magic spells. Almost every of them can in some way be included into your standard weapon combos, creating very exciting tactics and ways to fight.

Evading, Canceling your Attacks, Launching Enemies and Movement – Majority of attack moves you make (or hostile attack that are approaching) can in some way become interrupted or evaded, and morphed into new combo flow. With simple button press you can dash away from the enemies, with jump button you can launch both yourself end enemy into air, charge enemies into canceling their combos, grab and pull distant enemies (activation time of this ability is really short, enabling you to continue fighting while enemies are flying towards you), pull yourself toward larger enemies and much more. 

It’s important to note that dash can be chained three times before you receive small movement cooldown (dash does not break your combo count). However, after second dash you can chain in some other fast moving abilities (Charge Attack, or Teleport Slash) to continue your combo, after which you can again continue using chained dash.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Many players will soon realize the full capabilities of Darksiders II combat engine, and showcase to the world their talent and abilities. The most important thing is that novice players will not suffer because of these rich combat options. Just to see how flexible it is, we will end this

Combat Overview with the quote from Lead Combat Designer Ben Cureton himself:

Quote: "3 Hit Basic Scythe Combo, cancel to Crossover Heavy (Cyclone), Crossover Heavy Special (Hilt Strike), back to Scythe Ender, cancel the ender in the middle with a Flip Kick, Air Dash to the ground (Meteor Strike), Dash Scythe (Harvester Revenge), cancel into Crossover Heavy again, cancel that into Charge Hammer Strike, after Charge Strike hits, backdash, Deathgrip the enemy towards you, juggle with basic Scythe 1-hit, Flip Kick, Aerial 2 Hit Scythe Combo followed by Air Delay Chain (Hellraiser - Reaper appears and lifts opponent into the air even more!), follow-up with 3-hit Air Scythe Combo ending in slamdown, cancel into Flip Saw, land, Teleport Slash through the enemy, Deathgrip again, jump Air Scythe 1-hit, chain to Air Hammer Fall (big slam that brings both you and enemy to ground), upon landing, Just-Frame button press to perform the Widowmaker (mega spinning Heavy Strike), canceled into another Just-Frame button press to perform the Rift Breaker follow up.

Oh... and you'll be doing all that on the first day! Just remember that you don't have to do ANY of that to be able to play and enjoy the combat. But the cool part is... YOU CAN!"



If you have a Darksiders 1 save file on either PS3, 360 or PC, you will unlock:

War Themed Level 5 Legendary Armor Piece (Achievement based unlock.)

War Themed Level 1 Legendary scythe Chaos Fang. (Any Achievement related to finishing the game unlocked.)


New release dates:

NA August 14, 2012

EU August 21, 2012


PC requirements

Min Specs:

• OS – Windows XP, Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7

• Processor – 2.0Ghz Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor or AMD equivalent

• RAM –2GB

• Hard Drive – 20 GB space free (10 GB free after install)

• Video Card – NVIDIA 9800 GT 512 MB Video Card or AMD equivalent

• Online Steam account


Recommended Specs:

• OS – Windows 7

• Processor – Any Quad-core AMD or Intel Processor

• RAM –2GB

• Hard Drive – 20 GB space free (10 GB free after install)

• Video Card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 512MB Video Card or AMD equivalent

• Online Steam account


 Now instead of me getting on my arse and writing a bunch of stuff  that no one will read, lets just watch some videos, everyone loves videos right?.

So are you exited, or do you want THQ to fold and hundreds of people to lose their jobs? You horrible, horrible person you!



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The game looks very interesting and a lot of people described the first one as a zelda-kind of game which makes it a instant winner for me. Waiting for more details.


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Loved Darksiders, part 2 gonna be epic!!
Can't wait!

I think that is the main reason I am interested in this game is because of all the comparisons to Zelda. If it was not for that I would probably just skip it on the Wii U. Unless it is a really good game, which its seems that it might be.

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i didn't much care for the first one. it was a lot like zelda which is a bad thing really as zelda is stale now. so i guess the questions is what are they doing to make this a good game instead of a used-to-be good game?

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The first one is on my to play list (very close to be the next one in turn), so by the time I finish it I will know if the second one is good or not, and depending on the extras/added functionallity of the Wii U version I will see which edition to buy.

Right now I am more hyped about the book:

I wasn't psyched about this game untill like yesterday! And that's bc of the Zelda comparison! I'm actually thinking about about getting the first one right now... I'll be getting 2 for the WiiU, unless it gets rly bad reviews...

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kitler53 said:
i didn't much care for the first one. it was a lot like zelda which is a bad thing really as zelda is stale now. so i guess the questions is what are they doing to make this a good game instead of a used-to-be good game?

Adding RPG mechanics, much bigger world with side quests, crack oh I mean colored loot, less hand holding in puzzles and acrobatic (prince of persia: the sands of time style but more extream) platforming.

From what they have shown/said so far

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I have only tried the first Darksiders a little bit at my friend's house but it wasn't really my style because of the cartoon look.

But I heard it was a real long game. How many hours does it take to play through?

I didnt like Darksiders 1. That game was just lame in my opinion. But Draksiders 2 looks really good. Death is a much cooler Charakter than war.