My old work wont give me my holiday pay.

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Get all the money, its your money end of story. Dnot forget your 17.5% leave loading on your holiday pay,

Dont let them fob you off, just follow it through and they have to pay you.


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I have to agree, but be smart about it. Also, once you have the money, invest it, maybe see if you can buy some nintendo stock. Or possibly some PS3 stock, which would probably be low right now, but may go up pretty well as time goes on.

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Also, contact your state labor department. They will usually handle issues like that. But give your former employer a chance to correct the situation before going to the labor department. And, it is government, so don't expect quick action.


 edit:  sorry, I didn't realize you were in Australia.

Sue them. give it a shot

At the end of the day I should at least be able to sqeeze my holiday pay out, I mean c'mon, they make $33 milion in profit a year, I'm sure the can give me my money.

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go for all the money,especially since your broke,make life easier for a while



Get your money for sure!

They obviously don't give a crap about you or about being honest so why wouldn't you get everything they owe you. It's not like you're trying to get something you don't deserve or haven't earned. They're looking out for their interests, not yours. You should do likewise.

I'd actually say if you're selling stuff to buy gas, that it is time for a new job.

Find work in a law firm?

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So I emailed them this morning, below is my email:

This is Jason Nikolic former 3rd year Apprentice from the Maroochy Swans Bowls Club, I am emailing in regard to being refused my holiday pay, upon the refusal it has come to my attention that at my time of being employed at the bowls club, according to my paper work I was a 3rd year Apprentice Chef, although not signed up but that was the rate of pay I was receiving.

However, according to the Apprenticeship Board and Wage Line it is Illegal for an Apprentice to work unsupervised, I know it was just for the sake of the business saving money because I am cheaper then a qualified Chef, I can recall my average roster in which I was working completely alone in the kitchen:

Thursday; between 3pm to 8:30pm, Saturday; between 8:30am to midday, and Sunday's from 10:00am to 3:00pm. (14 Hours out of the 38 hour week I was in charge of myself and working alone)

According to the Apprenticeship board AND Wage Line, for this to not be illegal I must be back payed at a rate much higher then a 3rd year Apprentice.

Simply and politely put;

All I am asking for is for my holiday pay to be payed to me today and the rest of the stuff will be a non issue.


6 hours later I checked my bank account and I have been payed all of my holiday pay.

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