Have you ever played a game a literally had to stop due to 'excitement'?

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well this one time I was playing Mario Party 4 and...

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Yes. There's something about Pac-Man's mouth.




God of war series, I was scared that it would end to soon.

Not that I can recall about that certain type of "excitement," but one time when I was playing metroid prime 2 (on the trilogy disc). Since the game(s) makes you feel so isolated due to the atmosphere, music and being alone (as samus) I got this sudden feel of anxiety (like you're starting to question your own existance) I just couldn't shake it off.


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Nice answers. Yeah for some reason I always thought all perverted when I was playing Godfather Blackhand on Wii and visiting the prostitutes, you know when you talk dirty to them? Well, then I'd stop to take care of business.



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No. Because I'm a multitasker.

Yes, all the Pokemon games when I was younger. XD

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Alasted said:
No. Because I'm a multitasker.

Are you talking about the Wii mote? Nintendos one sin. Not counting the N64 DD not coming to America so I could buy it, and the Virtual Boy, and the coup of 1909.

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