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Apple's advertising onslaught is already battering down doors and TVs around the nation—you're gonna upgrade to a new iPad whether you like it or not. But based on our little test, most people can't tell the difference anyway.

We figured that if we—enormous nerds who fixate on pixel density—were underwhelmed by the screen, then what about non-gadget geeks? We rounded some coworkers and handed them a "new iPad." The "new iPad" was an iPad 2. They loved the new iPad.

Apple doesn't even need to try anymore.

Watch the video over at Gizmodo.

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I think Apple has an image of "smart people like Apple" which perfectly explains why many people want to like anything Apple.

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Biased reviews are a pleasure to read. Just my opinion, of course.

Way too many people are influenced by the popular opinion regardless of the media in question. When I was back in high school i heard so many people talk about how good a certain game was (halo/cod or something). Thing was, a lot of people saying those games were so great were people who either havn't ever played them, weren't gamers(real gamers) at all, Or only played the game for a few hours just because they felt the need to be socially relevant.

It's a sad truth but if you picked a random person and had them watch a movie or play a game that is just TERRIBLE by all means, but had that persons friends and family tell them how awesome it was and had them see some fake advertisements, make them believe it's a new craze ect. Even if the person seriously doesn't like it, or doesn't see the big deal, chances are when asked what they thought of it they would say they loved it.

Mabey i'm being too pessimistic about people though, i dunno but that's what i believe anyway.

Unless I'm interpreting this incorrectly, they handed people an iPad 2 and they liked it. The fact that they told them it was an iPad 3 didn't matter.



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I honestly do think Apple are perhaps the worst big company around in regards to consumer rights etc. They have basically made a huge market out of selling 'cool' tech products to people who know nothing about tech. Microsoft often gets a lot of flack but I think in around 10 years when Apple will be under investigation for a million different things people will look back and wonder how they ever liked them.

From things such as initially how you couldn't use songs downloaded from itunes on other MP3 players, which utterly destroyed the market.

To the fact that the files on your ipod are stored in a way so as to make it as difficult as possible to move them around (seriously ever try and move your songs back onto your computer so you can load them onto a MP3 player? I did and it took me an entire day to sort the files.).

The shameless abuse of indie companies. Allow an illegal copy of a game to the store costing the developer large amounts of money. The compensation? F*** the developer it's their fault. No compensation.

Oh hey you wanted flash on apple products? Well tough Steve jobs didn't like flash so they can go to hell.

You want your app on the store? Yea well only if we decide it is worthy. Illegal and fake copies of pokemon? Yea that's good.

Richard Stallman commented that Jobs pioneered a computer as a jail. He was totally right. Apple created a technological jail then told idiots it was cool and they bought it.

The irony is the famous 1984 commercial. You know the sinister man up on the screen with the braindead zombies staring at him. Following whatever he says and buying anything he sells...... *looks at apple* hmmmm yea what does that remind me of?

Turkish says and I'm allowed to quote that: Uncharted 3 and God Of War 3 look better than Unreal Engine 4 games will or the tech demo does. Also the Naughty Dog PS3 ENGINE PLAYS better than the UE4 ENGINE.

I also love all the Apple haters around now. It's hilarious to see so many people devoted to hating a company and its products and not understand the irony of calling its fans sheep.



MontanaHatchet said:
Unless I'm interpreting this incorrectly, they handed people an iPad 2 and they liked it. The fact that they told them it was an iPad 3 didn't matter.


I think we're assuming that the people to whom the iPads were given knew already what an iPad 2 was like, and were told this was an upgrade. and believed it.

I'm actually feeling more tricked by Gizmodo by clicking and reading that... these blogs are getting dumber and dumber by the day..


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MontanaHatchet said:
Unless I'm interpreting this incorrectly, they handed people an iPad 2 and they liked it. The fact that they told them it was an iPad 3 didn't matter.

Quoted because necessary. (My opinion in a nutshell.)

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