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I can't believe that this weeK TP has outsold SS in the US!!!

I thought America was the biggest market for Zelda? SS started well over there but has now dropped below EU levels.

Such a shame, I loved the game. I guess it just came a year or so to late in the Wiis life cycle

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Probably due to TP being $20 and maybe some new Wii owners snagging it up.

I sold mine years ago and recently after my kids playing SS, they never played TP, they are asking I buy it again.

As in, up to this week? Well even so, I agree that TP>SS in any circumstance xD

I don't see a problem lol, people may want to play the Zelda before SS


oh i thought this was a TP better than SS topic

SS deserves to sell well as it is an amazing game!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

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SS is arguably the best game I have ever played, a HUGE shame that its selling so poorly... I mean 3.5million isnt bad, but linear interactive movies that last 8hours like UC3 is still outselling it?!...

I have no idea if its the colorfull "cartoony" (wich looks great btw, ppl need to grow up and stop thinking that we need blood and gore everywhere), but a masterpiece like SS that is outsold by games like mario and sonic at the olympic games... or these dull gray cliché war games like Rage or CoD (cod outselling SS almost 10 to 1?!), or interactive movies like UC3 that fails in everyway to be as memorable as the 2nd... all this makes me think that the human race reached a point of stupidity and bad taste so high that we deserve our 2012 extinction lol.

That being said, TP was also a great game, I know some ppl hated it but imo its still a rly good zelda game that deserves to be played, but the fact that its 6 or 7 year old and outselling SS that is like 6months old is baffling. I know that zelda games are long time sellers, but Im starting to doubt that SS will ever get to 6milllion like TP.

Ps: sry for bringing my hate for UC3 into this thread and I know that some ppl will complain for mentionning it. So before ppl complain about this, let me just tell you all that if you loved the game just forget that I said anything, you have to right to like this game because it is a good game but IMO I just feel its a "ok" game but it deserves nowhere near as much attention and praise due to its unmemorable story, the fact that we "watch" the game 70% of the time and unoriginality (srsly, was I the only one who got bored watching drake fall from places with the same angle of camera all the time, and see everything explode around him just for the sake of exploding... srsly... *SPOILSERS* drake blows up with a underwater bazooka a small piece of equipment to prevent the baddies from getting the treasure and SUDDENLY the WHOLE city is colapsing like in that 2012 movie for no reasons and then its the ending of UC2 all over again...*END OF SPOILERS* sigh, maybe im just bitter due to the fact that I had so much high hopes for it and couldnt get over my disapointment and that its outselling and getting more praise that my favorite game of this gen...


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Skyward Sword hasn't been the healthiest game, lately. It's weekly sales have dropped below 10k, and it's nearly dropped off the Top 100. It sold a lot, at first, but it really doesn't seem to have much by way of staying power, for one reason or another.

I'm somewhat optimistic in hoping that this streak continues. I wasn't a fan of the direction of SS, and while it's sales thus far have likely turned a profit, drooping sales in the long term might spur another shift.

Oh well. May the market speak.

Well, since Twilight Princess is actually way better, I do not see a problem.

Now, on a serious note, it's less than half the price and WM+ also reduced SS sales.

I wonder if a bundle is in the works for it? I would gladly pay 109.99 for a new wii with SKyward Sword attached if I had not already owned both a Wii and Skywards sword. A gold Wii would help!

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@Metrium / ppl need to grow up and stop thinking that we need blood and gore everywhere /

Amen to that, but I'd also argue that more and more, people are looking beyond the more superficial aspects of gaming. Art style is icing on the cake, but the meat of a game is just as/even more important. Deep stories, nuanced gameplay, and overall presentation are just as important for lasting appeal. Places where SS might not be as strong.