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Hello all, as the title says, share your thoughts on Super Mario 3D Land.

Personally, I thought the game was awesome. I enjoyed it more than the Galaxy's on the Wii (I miss my Wii), but that's not to say the Galaxy's were bad in any way. I'm currently in the last world of the special stages; I have grown tired of getting the star medals. Anyway, I thought it was brilliant to mix in 2D and 3D platforming, and i prefered levels ending with flags than to repeatedly enter a level and find the star on a different platform.

Where do you think Nintendo will go from here? Nintendo has announced a 2D platformer New Super Mario Bros Mii for the WiiU but it's innevitable that they will come out with a 3D Mario also. Would they go for similar gameplay like 3D land? What theme or gameplay would they go for in the next installment ( i.e. Galaxy was in space)



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About how many hours did you put into it to almost beat it? I have skipped a lot of Mario games in my life. I can guarantee that if a game takes me 10 hours to beat then it takes the rest of the world just 5 hours. I do not remember New super mario bros for the DS taking that long at all is why I am asking.

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I hope Nintendo sticks to the gameplay that 3D Land offers. I enjoyed another game resembling the classic 3D mario(Super Mario 64), and I think Nintendo shouldn't stop here. If only we could expand the story, maybe such as bringing different elements and twists in the story, rather to going from point A to point B.

These aer some of the ways that Nintendo can evolutionize Mario, without sacrificing too much from the main elements that makes Mario who he is.

I was disappointed that 3DLand did not have any multiplayer between local play, but it did have some Streetpass support.

I wish I had a 3ds ='(


Well, to my surprise the game to me is incredibly boring.
At first it was really easy, then it becomes more challenging but the fact you cannot explore the levels to get stars (like Galaxy) it makes me want to rush through the levels.
I know you have star medals, but still is not really rewarding aside for a few things.

This is of course my opinion and I don't want to say the game is bad, I know is great and all it's just boring to me. Maybe because I was expecting something more like Galaxy/64

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I felt that the gameplay was best suited for handheld 3D Marios. I appreciate the longer, more open design of the console 3D Marios. That said, 3D Land did a great job combining two genres.

My biggest problem with the game was its length. It took me 4 or 5 hours to reach the credits! Admittedly, you can quadruple the time if you want to collect Star Coins and play the Special Worlds, but that's just not the same. I hope the sequel has at least 50% more content.

I'm looking forward to a possible sequel latter in the 3DS's life. For now, a traditional 2D Mario on any 8th gen system or 3D Mario on the Wii U is a higher priority.

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It's a mediocre Mario game at best. There wasn't many WOW levels, the tanooki suit was out of place, and the fire and boomerang powers were after thoughts. It felt as if this game was built just so you could tanooki your way through it. There's no doubt that at least 7 Mario games are better than this. SMB 1,3,4,5, and 64, and the Galaxy games.




I thought 3d Land was great (the best semi-tradional mario game in years!) but there's still room for improvement (no problem with the length or challenge level as I'm still trying to get through those damned special worlds!!!)...I'd rather see a sequel to this somewhere down the line than a 2d Mario game...but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
(I'm one of those annoying people who prefer the 3d mario games!)

I enjoyed 3D land. It was fun and levels were very creative. I like it as well because it is different. I played galaxy 1 and 2. Both were good but I enjoyed Mario galaxy 2 better. Geniuses developed that game.

I was displeased by the easiness initially, but it picked up delightfully with the Special Worlds. Level1Death is correct in that there's a tremendous bias in favor of the Tanooki Suit, though the boomerang is preferable in some cases (mostly for its ability to collect star coins without having to make jumps that might be quite hazardous even with the Tanooki Suit)

And yet i forget what i rated the game...

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