What will be the best selling game of 2012. (Excluding COD and GTA)

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The contendors...

Pokemon Black and White 2- Pokemon has always been a huge franchise. This game will no doubt sell millions. But I personally think this game will end up selling around half of what black and white managed. They are releasing it on a console that is rapidly being replaced, and I think that will make it take a big hit, because 3ds owners who aren't die hard pokemon fans will rather buy a 3ds game than black and white 2.

 Halo 4-Microsoft seems to think the return of master chief will seriously bolster sales of halo 4. Whether or not thats true, if halo 4 managed halo reach numbers, it will undoubtly be one of the bigger games of the year.

Resident Evil 6-This game seems to be getting a lot of hype. Capcom, for better or worse, will probably make this title as "western" as possible. While this might hurt Japan Sales, it will no doubt help savles in America and Europe. 

Assassins Creed III-Ahh yet another assassins creed, but wait... this game is getting ridiculous hype throughout the internet. Obviously internet hype does not automatically translate to amazing sales, but if revelations has managed 6mil sales already despite being considered stale, mediocre, and same old same old, 3 will achieve big sales if it is any good.

I personally think Assassins Creed III will be the best selling game of this year(excluding cod and gta). The hype is huge. The setting will only help sales in Assassin's Creed's biggest region, and as long as Ubisoft delivers a good game, it will sell very well and this is coming from someone who won't be buying the games. What do you guys think? Which one of these titles will sell the best? Or alternatively have I not listed the game that will sell the best. Will Just Dance break records yet again? Will a 2d mario with a 90% attach ratio come out on the 3ds? Or will something else sell the best?

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I say.... Halo 4. If B/W 2 was on the 3DS it could have sold more... maybe. Halo is also a huge franchise so I think it;ll do quite well. The Assassin's Creed series seems to be not the best selling series. Resident Evil 6 will sell pretty well but I doubt it'll be the best seller. Since (I'm pretty sure...) That 2D Mario was confirmed for this year you should have added that in there.

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Probably Assassins Creed 3

edit: or FIFA 13

Super Mario Bros. 3DS which should release worldwide in 2012. Eight million copies by year's end should be enough to beat the four games in the original post, right?

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Pokemon black and white 2.

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Not Halo and not Pokémon, partly since both of them are exclusives. Assassin's Creed should win if recent titles of both franchises are to go by.

Super Mario Bros 3D will be megatonic.

But I still think for the year, Halo 4, which will sell more than COD 360.

Angry Birds Space, it'll do 100 million+

i agree with assassins creed 3

VicViper said:
Super Mario Bros 3D will be megatonic.

But I still think for the year, Halo 4, which will sell more than COD 360.

what cod is it this year, black ops or modern warfare?