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The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed an interesting collaboration between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei.

It seems as though the upcoming 3DS title, Dynasty Warriors Vs., will feature costumes from a couple of Nintendo’s franchises. From what I can gather, a Link costume from Zelda: Skyward Sword and a Zero Suit Samus costume from Metroid: Other M will be included. The Famitsu leaks haven’t made clear whether the costumes will be available on the cartridge itself for free or through DLC.

I imagine we’ll be hearing something official from Nintendo/Tecmo Koei soon.

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I may buy this eventually since I'm in love with Dynasty Warriors Next on the Vita... but we'll see, I mean, these costumes don't influence my decision at all since I'm not really a fan of either series...

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The costumes are just icing on a very nice looking cake! I can only guess that this will not not be it. E3 is such a long time away...

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LOLOL Dynasty Warrior you so silly.


Nintendo is getting really desperate to increase sales of third party games on their systems.

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LOL @ link looks so weird

I'll get it for sure, not a big fan of the series, but if it has characters like these, than sure ;p (even if it is a costume xD).

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I wish there was a Zero Suit costume in Resident Evil Revelations. Actually, every game should have a ZS costume.
No, scratch that, I want Tingle costumes!

Lol, those look ridiculous. xD

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