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Official Journey Thread


Journey has already been out for some time for PS Plus members and was released in North America today for normal PSN members. It will be released tomorrow in PAL regions and on Thursday for Japan. Journey is being developed by Thatgamecompany, who prior to Journey released Flow in 2007, and Flower in 2009.

Journey will see a robed figure trek through a desert and presumably has to reach a moutain in the distance and will feature little guidance to help with the player to immerse themselves. If Journey is played online you cannot communicate with the other player but you can help each other out and can distinguise people from the symbols on their robe.

If you've ever wanted to play a game with an artistic and tranquil feel but still retaining astounding gameplay then this is certainly for you.

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Journey Reviews List


Current Metascore- 93%

Current Game Rankings Score- 93.11%

Giant Bomb





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Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)

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Perfect scores: 16/56

Current list of reviews from Metacritic, I shall update the Metacritic reviews tomorrow and post review links to the reviews outside Metacritic.





great i love this game.

i need to get this

Add Giantbomb 5/5 to that review list.

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I want to get soon enough, it looks damn good.


So how do people rate Journey? Post your responses here:


My personal response

Journey is somewhat of a short game but don't let this distract you from the fact that this will be the most fun you'll ever have out of a video game. The Impact of this game is everlasting and is consistantly able to hook you. For an amazing thrill ride, purchase this game.

Great thread... the game deserves.

I purchased Journey 2 days ago, and played it yesterday. It is a really short game but I went in knowing that so it did not bother me. thatgamecompany succeeded in achieving their vision. This game is really a work of art. The way the sand reacts to your every footstep is amazing, the visuals are beautifully rendered. It really is a gorgeous game with a simple premise, reach the mountain top. There are no HUD clues, maps, or arrows pointing you in the right direction, rather they use subtle hints in the environment to push you forward, that and the fact that there is an overbearing mountain in the distance. The story is conceptualized beautifully without the use of a single word. The music is SO moving and really plays with your emotions. From the first time you come across a stranger and start singing and dancing with each other, to surfing through the sands through ancient structures, and from cautiously treading dangerous grounds, to the overwhelming and seemingly endless struggle to reach the mountain top - this game is masterfully created and realized.

If you don't mind spending $15 for 2 hours of really immersive gameplay, then pick this up and appreciate its beauty. I also believe that the game was unique and enjoyable enough that it easily warrants a second playthrough. I really liked flower; however, Journey is the game that has made me a true supporter of thatgamecompany.

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