Who is your favourite Dr. Who?

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Who is you favourite Dr. Who?

Matt Smith 12 22.22%
David Tennant 23 42.59%
Christoper Eccleston 5 9.26%
Paul McGann 0 0.00%
Sylvester McCoy 1 1.85%
Colin Baker 0 0.00%
Peter Davison 0 0.00%
Tom Baker 10 18.52%
John Pertwee 2 3.70%
William Hartnell 1 1.85%

Who is your favourite Dr. Who? 

TenureFirst appearanceLast appearance
William Hartnell
(First Doctor)
23 November 1963 – 29 October 1966 An Unearthly Child
Episode 1
The Tenth Planet
Episode 4

William Hartnell played the Doctor in "An Unearthly Child" also known as 'The Pilot Episode'. This was the first attempt at the first episode of the original series filmed in September 1963, and first released on The Hartnell Years VHS in 1990.

Other appearances:

Patrick Troughton
(Second Doctor)
29 October 1966 – 21 June 1969 The Tenth Planet
Episode 4
The War Games
Episode 10

Other appearances:

Jon Pertwee
(Third Doctor)
3 January 1970 – 8 June 1974 Spearhead from Space
Episode 1
Planet of the Spiders
Part Six

Other appearances:

Tom Baker
(Fourth Doctor)
8 June 1974 – 21 March 1981 Planet of the Spiders
Part Six
Part Four

Other appearances:

Peter Davison
(Fifth Doctor)
21 March 1981 – 16 March 1984 Logopolis
Part Four
The Caves of Androzani
Part Four

Other appearances:

Richard Hurndall
(First Doctor)
23 November 1983 The Five Doctors

Hurndall replaced William Hartnell, who had died in 1975, as the First Doctor for the show's 20th anniversary special.

Colin Baker
(Sixth Doctor)
16 March 1984 – 6 December 1986 The Caves of Androzani
Part Four
The Ultimate Foe
Part Two

Other appearances:

Sylvester McCoy
(Seventh Doctor)
7 September 1987 – 6 December 1989
27 May 1996
Time and the Rani
Part One
Doctor Who

Sylvester McCoy also briefly played the Sixth Doctor in Time and the Rani, during the regeneration scene, wearing a curly blonde wig.

Other appearances:

Paul McGann
(Eighth Doctor)
27 May 1996 Doctor Who Doctor Who

Other appearances:

Christopher Eccleston
(Ninth Doctor)
26 March – 18 June 2005 "Rose" "The Parting of the Ways"

Other appearances:

David Tennant
(Tenth Doctor)
18 June 2005 – 1 January 2010 "The Parting of the Ways" The End of Time
Part Two

David Tennant also played the half-human Doctor in "Journey's End" – 5 July 2008

Other appearances:

Matt Smith
(Eleventh Doctor)
1 January 2010 – present The End of Time
Part Two

Other appearances:

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Poll added!

David Tennant by far.

All his episodes are good except for the Jane Smith ones, and he was by far the most believable as the doctor, imo. The other guys I just don't see as doctors (of course, I haven't watched any of the shows previous to the eccleston ones, so I don't really know the old docs too well.

I vote David Tennessee by a mile. He was great, and actually made me a huge Dr. Who fan for the period he was on. Chistoper Eccleston was terrible, and Matt Smith is just a little bit better than Eccleston. I haven't seen any of the Dr's prior to these 3.

Eccleston. The other two new ones are good though.

I don't actually like any of the old series, I did try.

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Wasn't Mr. Bean Doctor Who a few times as well?

Matt Smith for the win!

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I haven't seen any pre Ecclestone episodes (I don't even know if they were aired here in Spain) so, of the last 3 actores my choice would be

David Tennant>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Christopher Ecclestone>>>>Matt Smith

I find Matt Smith to be too young to be The Doctor. Ecclestone did a very good job, after all he was the one that introduced most of us with the character, but with only 1 season, he didn't have enough time to win our hearts. Tennant is was just perfect. Funny when it had to, rude when needed, and capable to show joy and sorrow of The Doctor. And he also had the best episodes of the 3.

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David Tennant gets my vote. I really enjoyed all those episodes, excluding the Donna Noble ones.
I haven't seen the older Doctors tho :(

So Benao you are saying that Amy Pond is going away? I have only seen about 10 episodes with Matt Smith. Mainly from The end of the world on the cliff episode or whatever it was and the Christmas specials, and a few random ones.
I also heard Smith was leaving next season, so what is the point?

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Tom Baker by a very, very long country mile. Unless you lived those episodes back then you simply cant understand how epic he was.

then Tennant then Pertwee

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