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Fans need not worry about the Fable series following Peter Molyneux's shock exit from Microsoft - so say the creators of the franchise.

Molyneux co-founded Lionhead in 1997 after leaving EA-owned Bullfrog. While there, he created Black & White, Fable, Black & White 2 and The Movies before Microsoft swooped in to buy the studio in 2006.

Fable was developed by Big Blue Box, a satellite studio of Lionhead, by founders Dene and Simon Carter. The brothers left Lionhead recently to start a new game company calledAnother Place Productions, a venture announced on 1st March.

"Peter was super passionate about Fable: The Journey, so when we heard he was leaving Lionhead it came as a complete surprise," Simon Carter told Eurogamer.

"However he's leaving behind an awesome team who are capable of amazing things, so we know his baby is in safe hands.

"It's fair to say that I owe my career to Peter. He gave me my first job at Bullfrog working on Magic Carpet, and since then I've had the fortune to work with him on Dungeon Keeper and various Fables.

"Working with Peter is always a fascinating experience as he's amazingly driven, incredibly passionate and awesomely unpredictable. I can't wait to see what he does next - whatever it is, the journey alone will be worth the watch."

"He's leaving behind an awesome team who are capable of amazing things, so we know his baby is in safe hands."

Developer James Duncan joined Lionhead in 2006 as an artist and helped make Fable 2 and Fable 3. He left in March 2010, a few months before Fable 3 launched, to start RedBreast Studios and set to work on a mystery iOS space combat and trading game.

"It's a big loss for the company," he told Eurogamer. "As a figurehead and as a source of creativity, it was great to have someone like him on your side.

"However, Lionhead still has a lot of very talented and inspiring people. I think gamers will be really interested to see what they can come up with post Peter."

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There are people worried about the Fable franchise?

Yeah to be honest I don't think Molyneux leaving is going to negatively impact anything. While I enjoyed Fable 3 it (and for that matter the other two Fable games) hardly had any great creative vision behind them.

i think that peter is such a nice guy that people had trouble saying "i dont think this is a good idea" to him.

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3rd Fable was a huge letdown, hopefully with someone else at the reins it'll actually get harder instead of easier.

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