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kitler53 said:
Mr Khan said:
kitler53 said:
1. nintendo isn't a media darling anymore. they have a bit of an uphill battle because they've lost all that free advertising the news used to do for them (and currently does for apple).

2. IF it really does come in (techincally) as just a bit above and xbox then i agree. i'm still waiting to see the real stats on this though. it's got to be able to do more than just get the third-party games already on ps360 or it is waaaaay too late to the party.

Mainstream media darling i wouldn't suppose, but the mainstream media is fickle, and Nintendo can easily at least make a fight of it with the right kind of software. You do have to emphasize mainstream there, however. Nintendo hasn't been gaming media darling since 1991, and has not had fair coverage at all since like 2003.

i guess i didnt think it needed to be stated explicitly but yeah, that is what i meant.  true nintendo could regain it but the 3DS launch had not mainstream fanfare around it.  not like nintendo used to have.  not like apple has with every stupidedly minor detail of anything they do.  but you're absolutely right, the main stream is fickel. 

that's exactly why i could see the wiiU being a collasal failure.  when you target the mainstream exclusively and ignore the base as nintendo did this last gen, then you have a huge risk/reward factor about whether or not you actually hit with the mainstream.  I'm really curious to see which side of the coin nintendo lands on with this. 

Being that the DS also heavily targeted the mainstream, the 3DS launched with little fanfare, and the lack of swooning by the media hasn't seemed to have hurt the 3DS, what evidence do we have that this lack of attention will hurt the Wii U ...

One of the core strategies of Nintendo is a focus on local multiplayer which has been abandoned by Sony and Microsoft (and Apple doesn't even try to approach). There are tens of millions of people who will be buying a console to play games with their room-mates, girl-friends, and children in the next generation and by default Nintendo will capture these gamers; because they will be the only company who has decent quality local multiplayer games.

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@happysquirrel. Maybe the doomsayers got hypnotized!

And you know what, FUCK Pachter! The Dreamcast was an amazing console. Had they the marketing and financial leverage Sony had, they would have done so well with it.









Lots of great games. They didn't fail for any graphics reason whatsoever. They mostly failed due to much more important business factors.

And that's the list coming from a Nintendo fan. They have tons more a real SEGA fan could probably list out.

Oh my goodness! Everytime I read a statement from Pachter about Nintendo I think I lose brain cells and I become dumber. I don't understand him because wasn't it Pachter who also thought that Nintendo should have released a Wii HD two years ago, or something like that? Now that they have a HD system coming out he goes and states something as ridiculous as Nintendo is about to "Dreamcast" themselves. I guess it's a lose, lose, situation with Pachter when it concerns anything Nintendo. Not surprisingly he is 75% - 85% wrong most of the time, so there are no worries from me .

you guys should all go to school and pay attention!

of course he is right!

of course I'm being sarcastic

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(


So... A video game analyst thinks that the Wii U may sell less than Nintendo probably thinks?


Seems legit.

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Wii-U to be the most popular console ever created comfirmed :)

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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Im sure Nintendo have not revealed all of their cards yet when it comes to the WiiU. We will know more about the device come E3 and even more closer to release. As it stands right now there is a lot of skepticism around the WiiU in how it will be received by the public.

We can't be too quick to judge it yet. Granted I think they could have had a better name for the product, but I am holding my tongue until I see more details on it. As of right now who knows how it will be received when released. Pachter is expressing his Skepticism as are many other gamers.

Wii U is going to have sales numbers in the positive integer scale, those numbers are going to be a certain quantity that will disappoint someone. However, without knowing its release date, system specs, or the controller's rectal fortitude score, I won't be able to predict a better prediction than that. But my next prediction, totally better than this one. Oh, and this is the part where I mention a failed console from sega to prove to gamers that I have net cred, Sega Nomad.


Can no-one rid us of this meddling analyst!


“So, yeah I think they are about to Dreamcast themselves."


In that case, looking forward to the WiiU equivalents of Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online, Soul Calibur and others.

Thanks Pachter, for declaring WiiU's legendary games status!