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MegaDrive08 said:
The first 4 of your list!!

Something that has evolved since the popular monochromatic snake has found its niche in the market. Just like pong, tetris or minesweeper did in the other ones.

But just like you said before. To each their own.

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mike_intellivision said:
MegaDrive08 said:
Damn mikeintellivision that's alot of hardware, do you still own all of that? You could start a gaming museum with all that, hell I would pay lol
I wish I'd kept all my consoles, I'm gonna start building a new collection starting with the 3ds.

That is a a current (approximate) inventory. As far as I know, it all works (though some of the older stuff would have to be tested).

Other than the Microvision (no regrets) and the Vectrex (some regrets, especially since it also had the legal multcart), I have it all.


Mike from Morgantown


(For those who don't know, GCE released all the games to the public domain when it pulled the system.)

surprised that there are no amigas in your collection.

NES: Hand-me-down from my older brother who had moved onto the SNES when I was like three.
SNES: Again, a hand-me-down when he moved onto the N64 a few years later.
GB: My mum gave me it when she got a GBC in 1998.
N64: Once again, a hand-me-down because he went to college and had nowhere to put it :s
DC: A christmas present in '99. Good times, great console. Sad to see it was the end of SEGA.
GBC: Hand-me-down again when mum got a GBA.
NGC: Birthday present in '01, still my favourite.
GBA: Mum got me one because I wanted Pokemon Ruby and it was half price at some retailer.
PS2: Needed a DVD player.
DS: Christmas '04, got it with The Urbz and Sprung, the DS died six years later D':, but the games are still played regularly.
Wii: Had me excited about the risk Ninty was taking, first one I bought myself. Counting Backwards Compatibility, probably the best console Ninty's ever had.
3DS: Bought it at launch, best handheld Ninty's put out, great games, ambassador program and DS BC, well worth the $350 I sunk into it.

Amiga (600 I think): 'twas my bro's, but me and my baby bros played it alot!
Commendor 64: same as above.
NES: My very first own console - with a GOLDEN GAME included! That's one of my greatest birthday presents ever!
PC: We got our first PC with a demo of Warcraft 2 and Wolfenstein 3d - both kicked so much ass!
N64: This was my baby bro's, but I played it like it was mine ;)
PS1: Me and my baby bros got it together.
PS2: Again, my baby bro's, but we all played it.
PC: My first own PC. I got it when I moved out...
PC: Upgraded it a few years later.
PC: Same as above...
Wii: Me and my gal got it together...

I'm on Twitter @DanneSandin!

Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

N64: Friend owned it...Played semi-often, but was too stupid to figure out how Legend o Zelda: Ocarina of Time worked, so spent most of the time playing Mario Kart
PS2: Friend owned it...Played Jak and Daxter, Gran Turismo, and various LEGO games
GBA SP: Received for Christmas in 2003...Introduced me to the Advance Wars series
DS: Received for Christmas in 2005...Introduced me to the Fire Emblem series
PC: i5 processor, AMD Radeon 1 GB video card.... Capable of higher end gaming, but haven't taken advantage of it completely (played Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, Nancy Drew (lol), etc.)
PS3: Bought in 2011... Played Heavy Rain and CoD:MW2, but that's all so far

Looking to purchase 3DS sometime this year (probably)

Edit: Played Snake on an old Nokia phone.... If that even counts