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What is your favorite Epic Rap Battle?

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates 59 29.80%
Mario Bros. vs Wright Bros. 7 3.54%
Master Chief vs Leonidas 8 4.04%
Einstein vs Stephen Hawking 22 11.11%
Justin Bieber vs Beethoven 14 7.07%
Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley 10 5.05%
Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare 3 1.52%
Columbus vs Captain Kirk 1 0.51%
Hitler vs Vader 1&2 40 20.20%
Other 32 16.16%

Man! That Trump vs Scrooge was EPIC!!

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Rick Grimes vs Walter White

Best one yet!

The Walking Dead is my favorite show ever, but Walter's last line gave him the victory! XD

Lol that last line.

pezus said:

Lol that last line.

Was this your last post?


Great stuff as usual here!

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Goku vs Superman

Goku owned this one

                                                                                                               You're Gonna Carry That Weight.

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Nathan Drake vs. Indiana Jones lol

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This last one was way too short. Pretty even, not a clear winner. I like how they both went after each other's woman.


Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe