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Ok it has to be just me but I read the stupidest article in my life.  With Sony claiming to have sold 10.5 million move peripherals the Sony fanboys are running wild.  Most totally ignored the whole shipped statement in which they always fall back into the whole sold = shipped argument unless its Microsoft of course.  But I digress.  For one 10.5 million is not that much considering i bought 4 lame wands and 2 navis.  Give me my damn refund Sony.

Anywho I hope it was a frothing mouth fanboy making the statement and not an official Sony statement.  The article made here http://attackofthefanboy.com/news/playstation-move-outselling-kinect-21/  says Move is outselling Kinect 2:1.   Oh I know your eyes perked up and went all o.O and even the other way O.o

The piece of shits is outselling kinect 2:1 in freakin' Japan.   Wow is that news?  If it wasn't Sony should close their doors like right now.  Hell 2:1 they should just give up and sell them in a porn shop.  The 360 sells like dirt in Japan and they're braggin on selling 2 times dirt.

All I can say is wow...

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attackofthefanboy... the link doesn't go anywhere >_>

First of all the link doesn't work.
Secondly why give them any traffic then ?
Thirdly I'm going to lock this, since it doesn't lead to anything. (and I'm not talking about the link)

A bunch of over enthusiastic people decide to go wild about the move shipping figures and it rattles your cage so much you decide to let everyone know?

All I can say is wow...