Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you...Halo 4 [First Screenshots]

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Beautiful! Screenshots or cut scenes I wonder? Is this pre-news leaked from GDC?

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This is an actual screen shot from within the game

That's it? Just Spartans?

Wow chief looks very nice! I can believe they say it'll the bestlooking game on 360

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Ah it is about time. Screens aren't too much as just pics of good old Master Chief but looks good thus far. Can't wait for the trailer.

These are rendered in-engine. Hence the fact that you can't see any aliasing, it's not fully representational of the games image quality.
If it was on PC, you could achieve clarity like that though.
But only 720P and below with 2-4x AA ain't going to look that crisp.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to this new trilogy, I've never played a Halo game (Or any console game for that matter) for the graphics but the Space Opera theme and story.

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Awesomeness!! Can't wait for tomorrow for more official reveals. I wonder if the gun Chief is holding is more of a DMR or BR? Either way I don't care!

How many mirrors do you find in a typical Halo game? ^^


Armor looks better than I thought it would! Also the gun is a nice combination of designs.

Can't wait for more, but thanks SlipperyMoose!