Jesus vs Mohammed?

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Jesus vs Mohammed?

Jesus 136 39.19%
Mohammed 158 45.53%
Equal 53 15.27%

Who was the better person.

The person with the better message for society.

The person who lived a more rightous life?



Me and my friends were talking about this and almost everyone including aethists picked Jesus...


Also I do not belong to either Religion.

I think Jesus messages are something we can all learn from.


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Praise Jesus, PRAISE HIM!

I didn't know any of them so I really can't answer that...

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Both of them seemed like decent chaps for their time and place. A couple of things they said bother me, but they're both worthy of respect.

Love and tolerate.

well one raped, pillaged, sacked, and murdered.
the other loved, healed, and taught forgiveness.

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well if you go around and look for criticisms of either person...

Its like a Mountain vs a molehill.

Well... Muhammed was married to an under-aged girl, so I'll go with the guy who made the world believe that cheating death is possible.


I think you touched a very important point.

Jesus messages may have been wrong such as making many people in believing till this day of an afterlife, but he did not do anything as messed up as marrying a nine year old.


The question over child marriage I do not think was the fault of Mohammed but was the general cultural practise at that time.



To be fair we attack many histroical figures for engaging in cultural practises that were seen as proper during their time.

the difference other than one being dead is that with Jesus the relationship is more personal. Believe in God or Christ or not I know of a few times in my life where I could've been shouldve been dead. If it was not for Jesus I wouldn't be here to talk about it. I've seen miracles happen to other's as well. We serve an awesome God.

i'm muslim and i'm very offended by this thread