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is small arms good as a fps





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Small Arms is more Smash-Brawl type fighting...Not an FPS.

Saints Row is good if you like sandbox games, and want more GTA-esque gameplay.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

I think table tennis deserves to be up there... it's a great cheap game... good to have a little solo game from time to time.... but even better if you do a COD or halo or gow or anything else party/night etc.... to play in between parties and stuff to have a little chill time....

soooooo...... is the deadliest catch game any good?

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The two Cars games are pretty good too.  We absolutely loved Viva Pinata in our family.  Aside from that (and a few on the arcade) there are few that would interest us.  Not into the ulta violent dirty video games.

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As soon as my XBOX360 arrives at the house I'm buying Bioshock.

Its gonna come with GTAIV, and I am mostly excited about XBOX Live titles!

Commando 3 and Galaga Legions are going to be instant buys.

I plan on pre-ordering Fable II and MK vs DC!!

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We received an XBOX 360 for a wedding gift a couple of weeks ago, along with Halo 3. We promptly went to gamestop and looked over their used games. We got seven games for ~$100 dollars, which included: Dead Rising, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Crackdown, Devil May Cry 4, and a number of others which I cannot remember as I'm not at home.

Anyway, I am pretty impressed with the system thus far, and I will be makin pretty good use of this list, I think.

My first game was Amped 3 and I loved it!

Former something....

I always recommend two original Xbox games for new X360 owners. Unfortunately, only one is hitherto backwards compatible: Oddworld Munch's Oddysee (compatible) and Oddworld Stranger's Wrath (hitherto not compatible). Besides the two Halo games, the two Oddworld games were my two favorite games on the original Xbox.

Geometry Wars
Ninja Gaiden Black (not NGII)

Those are my favorite 360 games thus far, and they would cost you a grand total of 50 dollars.