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What do you think about it? Kate Beckinsale nude scene, anyone? Matt Damon looks brilliant, but unfortunately didn't fit the style the movie was going for. Tom Hanks looks equally out of place TBH.

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That was hilarious! I did not even know Kimmel was still on. It sucks because I love his Oscar specials.

Nice movie title lol


spurgeonryan said:
That was hilarious! I did not even know Kimmel was still on. It sucks because I love his Oscar specials.

That's because a guy like Craig Ferguson could have a 15 second Michael Caine in Space -  At the Academy Awards bit that would have been better than this.

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Didn't someone make a snakes on the plane 2?

Not that far from the truth ...

Even though I knew they were coming, I loved the snakes on a plane with Samuel L. Jackson. That and Toby the dog calling scientist George Clooney to warn about Black Hitler.

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Maybe I did not understand, but it was rather lame imo

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