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How Do You Like X/Y So Far?

I really enjoy it!
It's good.
Not as good as I thought.
I really hate it!

If you are looking for the Pokemon X/Y News please visit pages 18 and up! (For people using 50 posts per page) Thank You!

*Official Pokemon Site: *

Official WORLDWIDE Release Date for Pokemon X and Y: October 12 2013!

This will be a Updated News Thread. I will try my hardest to provide news for you guys as quickly and cleanly as I can. Also, don't feel like you can't post things about Pokemon news! I can always use some help!

First things First; as we all know Pokemon X and Y have been announced. Since we have no Official Site for X/Y yet I'll give you guy's the link to the Official Pokemon YouTube Channel;

Logos/Box Art:

This Pokemon game is supposed the next Generation of Pokemon. This will be Generation VI. (6 if you don't know your roman numerals.) In the trailer of Pokemon X/Y many new things are seen for the Pokemon series, full 3D landscapes being one of them. Other than the Official Trailer not much is known at this time about Generation VI/Pokemon X and Y. This statement is now no longer true. We know quite a bit about X/Y now! (Release date is stated at the top of this post.)

Xerneas and Yveltal:


(Most news provided by


The Official Pokemon Thread:

Kikwi 4 Lyfe!...?

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Thread looks good! Where do they still play Pokemon on Tv?

 Bananaking was right, I was wrong. Like he always is. About the 3DS not selling at least 19.999 million in 2013...

What the hell is up with her hair? O.o

spurgeonryan said:
Thread looks good! Where do they still play Pokemon on Tv?

Crud... I should've put that up there. They play it on CartoonNetwork which is channel 296 on DirecTV. (Sorry, don't know the others.)


The Official Pokemon Thread:

Kikwi 4 Lyfe!...?


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Boutros said:
What the hell is up with her hair? O.o

Her hair is a pokémon?

Watch this space - counting down to the GOTG soon

I like how Ash still looks like he's 10. He is forever young.

The Second Pokemon Best Wishes! (Black and White in USA) Movie poster is above. This is the 15th movie in total for the Pokemon Anime Series. It is called Kyurem VS The Sacred Swordsman. The title will most likely be changed for the American Relese, you're allowed to pre-order tickets (in Japan) starting from April. I will post the teaser trailer below this.


The Official Pokemon Thread:

Kikwi 4 Lyfe!...?

I just hope Iris doesn't have any intentions of carrying Axew on her hair after he evolves...if he evolves at all, since in the pokemon anime it seems to thrive on not having the most powerful pokemon evolving at all for the main characters (Ash's Gible comes to mind as the biggest offense) >_>.

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The Official Pokemon Thread:

Kikwi 4 Lyfe!...?