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Sony annouced that the vita has SOLD (not SHIPPED for all you haters with a shipped fetish) approx 1.6million with a total of 2 million Vita's SHIPPED worldwide.

We could be looking at aound 900k for the western launch after the usual adjustments - taking those into account we will probably record around 720k initially.


Either number is pretty damned good, thoughts?

...uhh...ill just put my favorite quote of all time here.

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Pretty damned good!

what why 1.6m now ?

There's another thread where it says Vita had sold 1.2 Million WW as of 26th February.

1.2m sold as of 26th of February according to Sony. I guess those are good numbers of Sony.


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There are countless news articles all over the web where SONY say 1.2m sold.

Apology accepted.

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Link: Shipment History Since 1995

:-S They've said 1.2m, which is 500/600k launch


You might want to check your numbers before running that mouth of yours: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-02-28-playstation-vita-worldwide-sales-hit-1-2-million

Where you saw that 1.6m figure?

You didn't have to lie in order to make the Vita look good. It didn't need your help.

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