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patapon said:
God of war sex minigame

The closest I've ever come to losing my virginity



I had not fapped in days so once I reached that point.. it wasnt fair XD

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Uncharted 3 chapter 17- stowaway! Absolutely incredible. The opening scene of god of war 3 is truly amazing also!

I remember an alien base attack in UFO 2 (that is XCOM - terror from the deep) - actually, I don't remember whether it was UFO 1 or UFO2, but I think it was 2, because that one was harder, and this situation was hard and seemingly hopeless.
Our guys were few left (some were unconscious, the remaining stretched thin, the tank probably dead - not ideal I know), and theirs were many, 3 just around the corner from one of our guys, grouped together. There was no way to kill all 3 of them (no more grenades, not enough men with a line of sight, no rocket launcher), but there was a way to, with luck, get close to them and not trigger a reaction from any of them (in which case the one that reacted would have shot and probably, from that distance, hit and seriously injure or kill), use the thermal lance enough times to kill two of them. That wasn't enough though, since these guys would rarely fail to kill one of ours if they had the shot, and in this situation, there was the strong possibility that the remaining one would kill two. Unacceptable to lose such skilled soldiers. No chance to run, no chance to hide, no chance to win without loss. Load? Not just yet. We had a psychic in another part of the map, and we used him to scan our 3 enemies. It turned out one was an officer, another was a first class soldier and the third one was a grunt. I had the idea that if we managed to kill the officer and the first class soldier, the grunt might panic and lose hes actions come hes turn (even though these elite aliens rarely panicked). We tried this, even though my friend was not convinced, and sure enough it was so. :D
What a great moment!

I was pretty awestruck by Kingdom Hearts as well, more than OoT. Going from world to world with cinematic cut scenes and Disney characters. I love the battle system, the level up system, and all of the extra stuff to do. The Colosseum, crazy boss battles, etc..

The whole game was great, but when I did not know what to expect and that fist Beast showed up, it was , I was, it was crazy!

I was not a big sony and still am not a big sony gamer, but I got the PS2 for Christmas and this game as well from a used store. So I did not know about the massive beasts other than what was on the cover. Climbing up on that first boss was incredible.


I have never had as fullfulling of moments than I did when I was beating all the cheat times. Later on it would be Dark License to kill and License to kill mode.


I just cannot figure out how to make pictures clickable. Does it involve some html code?


Maxing Wii sports Tennis was another great moment!

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