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All right, here's a tough one for ya': If you could only play five of your games for the rest of your life, which games would you choose? Obviously, only games that you currently own counts. But all its features (including online functionalities and local multiplayer) would still be usable. And don't be afraid to explain why you made your choices if you'd like to.

I would pick:



- Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii) -


The perfect game if you're looking for longevity. Not only does it have countless features and characters, but also a level creator! When I hook up with friends, this is usually where we go first...


- F-Zero GX (GC) -

Another game packed with longevity. With over 40 racers, over 25 maps (yes, there are 41 racers and 26 maps) and countless different customizable vehicles, this game offers the ultimate racing experience! ...In over 2000 km/h!!!

30 players per race, lethal tracks, obvious choice.


- Mario Party 3 (N64) -

While this may be far from everyones favorite Mario Party title, IT SURE IS MINE! Nearly 70 minigames and 12 board games makes sure that this title keeps fresh no matter how long you play it (even though you obviously need actual friends to play with in order to fully enjoy it). Yeah sure, the newer titles may offer more (even though I only made it up to Mario Party 5), but nostalgia never fails to please me.



- Halo: CE Anniversary (X360) -

Combining the best of two FPS worlds (damn, that picture sure is sexy) this title has it all. The epic campaign from the classic Halo: CE + new awesome visuals and sound, and the Halo: Reach multiplayer which includes the forever innovative Forge World is what makes this title the ultimate time killer of FPS's.



- Mario Kart DS (DS, duh) -

"Finally, a decent portable version of this franchise!"

Few games brought me as much joy as this title did, and it's still awesome! Featuring 36 karts, 32 maps and 12 racers on the go! ...Yeah I know that there's a certain game called "Mario Kart 7", but I haven't bought it yet... And neither Mario Kart 64 nor Mario Kart Wii are portable, so this game got my final vote.



Now, share your opinion!


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Tales of symphonia (favorite game of all time)
Tony hawk underground (THUG!) Best skate boarding game ever.
Super Smash Brother brawl. Best party game
Xenosaga Series 1-3 (come on their one game lol)
Tekken 6- My favorite fighter so far.

Any Pokémon RPG.

Little Big Planet 2 PS3
Pro Evo 6 PS2
Final Fantasy X+X2 ps2 (IT'S ONE GAME! :P)
Wipeout HD/Fury (also one game) PS3
Final Fantasy 7

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Left 4 Dead 2 - Some of the best multiplayer I've played.
Mario Party - Extremely fun in groups
Smash Bros Brawl - Same as above
Starhawk - It's not released yet, but based on the beta, it's worthy to be on this list.

Can't really think of another game that I could play forever

Super Mario World
Final Fantasy VI
Star Ocean Till the End of Time
Devil May Cry 3
Breath of Fire II

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mariokart wii
or7 these 2offer more courses modes etc

timesplitters 3 this fps has alot of modes ai in all modes a custom mapmaker you can even make custom missions

top gear3000 this snes racer is just fun if you have an adapter you can play 4 players

mario party 2 this game is fun lots of the classic mini games from mp1 and then some
zombies ate my nieghbors 45 levels of hel await you from zombies plants aliens to spiders this f gAme offers 2 player coop
items range from waterguns plates soda forks to hazookas 


nascar2011 its nascar crAshes haha 43 plus drivers from dale earnhardt jr to jeff gordon this title has all The new paint schemes drivers etc

Super Smash Bros Brawl
Mario Kart Wii
Wii Sports Resort
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Beat that

Persona 4 (long and extremely awesome JRPG that I could play through every now and then)
Earthbound (already played it through about 40-50 times, I can do it more)
skate 2 (love just playing around in thie game, great way to mindlessly pass the time in the same area just seeing what I can do)
Rockband 3 (my go to party game)
LBP2 (another game that as long as I have internet I can screw around on endlessly)