Who else is stoned right now?

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Is your ass stoned?

Hell yeah 25 20.83%
Yes 5 4.17%
Duh 4 3.33%
Of course 4 3.33%
Nah 10 8.33%
No 11 9.17%
Hell No 22 18.33%
Your ass is too stoned to... 39 32.50%
Dr.Grass said:


I want to share something with you guys that is generally condemned on the internet... Smoking leaves.


I have two skunk plants in my backyard (it's ALMOST harvest season!). This is how it works:


1.Pick some leaves

2. Cut the leaves in smaller pieces.

3. Put the leaves in the oven.

4. Switch oven on.

5. Wait till crispy.

6. Mix with tobacco and smoke.

7. Realise some things you read on the internet is total BS while you are stoned out of your mind.


These are the 7 Hidden Truths of the Desperate Stoner.


I'm smoking a joint like that right now BTW.



Look out for my ''Harvest'' thread. It's coming soon with pics and all. They are small, but completely organic and I've hardly made much effort at all. Luckily the climate in South Africa is perfect :)


Cool man! Good tip

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Cause these leaves are potent as hell. It's almost harvest season here (winter is coming) and the little ladies are simply flushing the leaves with THC. It's magical. I have a whole bowl full of weed in front of me that was still on the plant a little while ago.

I was Stoned before Stoning was cool.

Not that I care to share but If you are high and read this headline, I'm sure you can't help it but geek alittle

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I was high, enjoying the sativa. Then, I decided to roll an indica hooter, now I'm stoned. There you have it.

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never touched the stuff, probably won't either. But Does it really take you to happy, wonderful places like how people claim it to? 

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Good for you, I'm so impressed.

mikem said:
I was high, enjoying the sativa. Then, I decided to roll an indica hooter, now I'm stoned. There you have it.

Atta boy! Don't let the man keep you down